Why Coaching?

It Moves You Into Productive Action!

I love coaching and I also value psychotherapy, hypnosis, light work, energy work and many other forms of self-exploration.

And here’s what I love about coaching – it deals with the NOW! Where you are now and where you want to GO and BE. While there is a focus on deepening the learning of whatever you are working on, that is balanced by also focusing on forwarding the action.

Coaching has you work on – to name just a few things – shifting perspectives, having a meaningful and fulfilling life purpose, getting clear on your core values and honoring those values, finding and maintaining balance in your life and feeling joyful.

And so many of us want to have the life we always dreamed of and we just got stuck somewhere along the way.

In looking to get unstuck people turn to many different forms of treatments. Coaching, hypnotherapy, homeopathy and psychotherapy to name a few.

Coaching is different than psychotherapy. Coaching works for individuals who are healthy and who want to deepen their learning and move into action in some areas of their lives.

Topics that are best handled by psychotherapists include, and are not limited to: anxiety, thoughts of suicide, abuse issues, major trauma, and irrational anger or rage.

I can honestly tell you, that even though I’m a certified personal coach, I found therapy very valuable in helping me understand my past. It helped me understand the behaviors of my family and other relations, as well as, understand my reactions to past situations and traumas.

I am a big advocate of psychotherapy if you need help in dealing with the past.

For the NOW – coaching is it! My job is to help you have a meaningful, love filled, balanced, fun life!


I found in my own experience in working with practioners, whether they are therapists, coaches or others, that the depth of their life experience and the work they do on themselves and more importantly, the results of that work is often the big difference.

Why is that? People who haven’t extensively worked on themselves and grown from that work are limited. They lack the depth of compassion, wisdom, faith, trust and understanding of what you go through to grow and create the life you want and deserve.

As a certified life coach, I not only have the credentials to truly call myself a Life Coach, I have the experience of having worked extensively on myself for the past 20 years and the results of working on myself greatly impact my coaching.

I’ve done it all – therapy, workshops, homeopathy, rebirthing, hypnosis, coaching and more. And all with the aim of transcending where I got stuck in my life so that I could manifest my life purpose and help others move past where they were stuck and fearful and move into a loving and meaningful life.

(Please read my bio ABOUT CAROL if you want more information about my life and how I ended up becoming a Life Coach.)

I believe experience matters. I know you have to have walked the walk to understand the journey and what it takes to make lasting changes in yourlife.Not only do I have an enormous wealth of personal life experience and personal growth work and the wisdom that comes from that; I’m also highly intuitive, non-judgmental, a warrior and I have a huge, loving heart.

Here are a few of the things my clients say about me:

“Carol Chanel is a terrific guide – always centered and on the mark. Her insights and guidance have helped me deal with some very difficult and stressful situations, both personally and professionally. Her encouragement is endless. In short, coaching with Carol Chanel is an extraordinary experience.”

“Carol Chanel helped me define and refine my values. It became clear what I did want to do. Having an objective advocate helped me to see the changes I needed and wanted to make and to trust my decisions.”

“Carol Chanel is a great coach, especially in terms of her communication skills. She is able to listen beyond what I say to what I really mean; and then she is capable of asking me thought-provoking questions that help me get beyond my head to the heart of my issue, which is where I find resolution. In particular, Carol Chanel provided a supportive environment for me to get beyond some issues my Ego was having with some friends, and consequently I was present when an opportunity presented itself to appear on national TV for the first time!”

“Carol Chanel is persistent at getting at the heart. She reminds me that all we should expect is to always do our best. Coaching helps me honor doing my best and the letting go after that effort.”

“Carol Chanel has been able to pinpoint the things in my life that weren’t working and guided me on a path to my true passion.”

For more testimonials please go to the testimonial page.


And since RESULTS are what count please go to the next page and read about and listen to the  Success Story Videos  of some of my clients and see if any of their results are the kind of results you would want from coaching with me.