These are my favorite people who helped me beyond my wildest dreams, and they did it with humor, wisdom, talent and lots of patience.


Do you need help getting more clients? Robert Middleton is the best marketing person in the world! His highly effective, easy-to-follow style, and affordable books and tapes will help you to grow your business and make more money. He has a weekly ezine that will give you the perfect tips to grow your business.



Robin M. Mayer is an experienced manager, mentor and career changer. Robin landed her own dream job, and helped countless others land theirs. To get your dream job, you want to “make your resume leap out of the stack and slam dunk your interview.” Robin knows how to help you make that happen. Are you ready for a career change? Are you ready for a job that fully uses your talents? Are you ready to grow your career?



Do you want to see how beautiful you really are? Do you need a business photos for your website, business cards or other marketing materials? Or do you want to see your beauty captured forever? Starla Fortunato is the most amazing photographer – she’s gentle, loving, warm and fabulous. All you have to do is show up and she will capture your beauty and your essence. And it’s your essence that attracts people to you. Very few photographers have the ability or gift to bring out and capture your essence. Don’t wait – you’re beautiful!



Who of us don’t have financial stress, at some point in our lives, and wish we could reduce it? Chellie Campbell is the perfect person to help. I know first hand. I took her amazing workshop and eliminated my stress about finances. She also has a highly acclaimed book, “The Wealthy Spirit” with 365 pages of daily affirmations to help you reduce your financial stress. It’s practical and spiritual – the perfect balance. Chellie is fun, upbeat and understands financial stress through personal experience. Start reducing your stress today – Chellie is a phone call away.



Do you want to look and feel better? Do you want to lose weight, get back in shape, eat healthier? Do you want more energy?

If you had the “right program” with built in weekly accountability, you could accomplish all your fitness goals.

JJ Flizanes, certified fitness trainer and founder of Invisible Fitness, offers phone coaching for your fitness needs. JJ is a smart, educated, fun, compassionate trainer who will develop a personal program for you to insure you get results.

“Personal training is just that–it’s personal. Invisible Fitness designs a plan for you that will work based on your fitness needs. Over 20 years of university research shows that weekly accountability keeps you 22 times more likely to stick to an exercise program.”

So whatever your fitness needs are, call JJ today! 1-800-571-5722

P.S. I am a huge fan of her book “Absolute Abs