Spicy, Saucy and Hot!!

A few weeks ago I had one of the most amazing, soul transporting experiences of my life. It’s the kind of experience that reminds you of how truly glorious life is when you open yourself to receiving the gifts of your fellow humans.

It also reminded me that being spicy, saucy and hot is a feeling, an attitude. And it’s fun!!

My husband and I went to the San Diego Jazz Party and spent three days listening to 16 amazingly gifted musicians who are at the top of their field. They ranged in ages from 32 to 86. These aren’t simply good musicians, these are GREAT musicians.

All weekend long they played and jammed from the depths of their hearts and souls so we could experience their gifts. I can only imagine what it must have felt like for them to give their gift so freely and deeply.

Then on Saturday night, the experience went from amazing to mind blowing. The headliner for the Party was Jeannie Cheatham. Jeannie sings and plays piano. She rocks your soul with her soulful, powerful voice and piano, her style, energy and attitude. Jeannie specialty is the blues. While many of the musicians were jazz specialists, they easily transitioned to the blues to keep up with her.

I was on my feet cheering, clapping, dancing during her brilliant performances. Jeannie’s energy and power is a gift from God, enhanced by her lifetime desire and discipline to follow her dream and not let a mountain of obstacles stop her.

Jeannie’s husband, Jimmy Cheatham – a gifted bass trombonist – transitioned in January. I wondered if she would feel up to performing. Well obviously not only was she up to it, it seemed exactly what she needed.

Jeannie is spicy, saucy and hot!

During Jeannie’s set on Sunday, a woman walked up to me and said she was leaving because she couldn’t stand Jeannie. I was surprised but smiled and turned my attention back to Jeannie.

Later that evening on the car ride home I mentioned it to my husband. We realized that Jeannie’s “sassy mama” vocal and piano was too much for that woman.

Jeannie is 79.

Yes, that’s right, Jeannie is 79. Can you imagine being turned off, (I think the other woman was Jeannie’s age) by a 79-year-old spicy, saucy, hot, mind-blowingly gifted woman musician, wearing a bright red dress (for good luck and good energy) and playing her heart out?

So what’s my point?

No matter what age you are, if you don’t let yourself experience being spicy, saucy and hot from time to time, then you could end up resenting another woman who is, no matter how old she is, or how old you are. And you could deny your spirit the experience of the joy that comes from receiving the gift of another woman.

So What Is Spicy, Saucy and Hot?

It’s a feeing. It’s an attitude. That’s all.

I sure felt it listening to that music. From the first number, to the last number. That music makes you want to move, sing, feel and live. So for me, music is a key to feeling spicy, saucy and hot.

Jeannie is my model for how I want to be now and how I want to be when I’m pushing 80.

A Goddess in Action

And then, as if Jeannie wasn’t already showing me and other open-minded women how we wanted to feel and live, she did something that moved me to tears. When I realized the power of what she was doing, I knew I was witnessing a Goddess in action.

What moved her to the Goddess level was the way she called forth the musicians to give more of themselves. Not for her sake, for theirs.

After each musician appeared to be finishing their solo, she would say, “give me a little more of that guitar” and Eddie would give her more. Then she would call out for him to give her even more and he would. On and on it went like that with each musician – tenor sax, the bass, trombone, drums. They let it rip. She called them forth, asking them to give more and more of themselves and their gifts.

You could see their sheer delight when they were in the middle of it. And when they finished even they were blown away by how deep they reached and what they gave. It wasn’t about her – it was about her sharing the stage and calling on the other members of the band to feel and share their gifts.

What Are The Powerful Gifts Here For You?

Look to see where you are holding yourself back. Where do you want to let it rip? Then set up an action plan to do one thing this month. And do it!

Where or what would you like to see more of from others in your life? For their sake, not for yours. Call them forth, they will love you for it.

And what do you want to do to feel spicy, saucy and hot? It’s not about how you look. Jeannie is 79. She doesn’t look it, but she is. If she can be that way, so can you. It’s a feeling. It’s not about how thin or curvy you are. It’s not about the shape of your nose, legs, or waist. It’s not about your age. It’s not external. It’s a feeling. It’s an attitude.

I know you don’t want to choose to be the old woman who left in a huff because she was threatened by another woman’s pulsating sauciness.

I know deep in your soul you want to be, even if just for a day, a spicy, saucy, hot woman, giving it her all.

Maybe you want to buy and wear a fun red dress. Maybe you want to put on some sassy music and dance around the house. Maybe you want to take your boyfriend, husband or friend to a club to hear some jazz and blues. I encourage you to wear your red dress and feel the music in your body and your soul.

You can choose to be spicy. You can choose to be saucy. You can choose to feel hot. You can choose when, where and with whom. You can choose to give it your all. You can choose to call others forth for their sakes.

You can choose to be a Goddess!

Imagine the possibilities…

© Carol Chanel


If you like reading about women who triumph against all odds, you’ll be motivated by Jeannie Cheatham’s life which she so graciously shares with us in her autobiography “Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On.”

And there’s a surprise in the back of the book – a CD containing a sampler of her music.

“Jeannie writes of a life spent fighting racism and sexism, of rage and resolve, misery and miracles, betrayals and triumphs, of faith almost lost in dark places, but mysteriously regained in a flash of light.” (Book jacket quote)

The University of Texas Press publishes the book

I want to share the names of the awesome musicians I heard play at the San Diego Jazz Party. I know if you have the chance you won’t want to miss them.

Howard Alden – Guitar – deep and soulful

Harry Allen – Tenor sax – up and coming, very good

Dan Barrett – Trombone – one of the all time greats

John Bunch – Piano (86 years old) – he’s still got it

John Cocuzzi – Vibes and Piano – he’s hot

Jeannie Cheatham – Piano and Vocals – SPICY, SAUCY, HOT

Eddie Erickson – Guitar – he’s fun

Jake Hanna – Drums – top of his field

Ed Metz, Jr. – Drums – what a sound

Nicki Parrott – Bass and Vocals – talented and playful

Ken Peplowski – Clarinet and Tenor Sax – oh my, what a talent

Houston Person – Tenor Sax – at 73 his sound will melt your heart

Ed Polcer – Cornet – so that’s what the cornet can sound like – WOW

Richard Simon – Bass – great now and for a long time coming

Rossano Sportiello – Piano – remember his name, he’s going to be BIG

Warren Vache – Trumpet – a truly brilliant talent

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