3 Simple Steps To A Fascinating Life!

As you glide into what’s promising to be an exciting new year there is something very important I want you to keep in the forefront of your mind:  You can create what you want this lifetime.  You can make choices that will serve you in creating an exciting and fulfilling life.

For me, this year is all about focusing on creating a fascinating life.  One where I am enthralled and intrigued by my life and my choices and captivated by the people, work, clients and projects that I take on this year.  I want to fascinate my husband by my growth and love of life.  I want to inspire my clients by my fascination with their lives and what I see is possible for them.  I want my clients to dream big and then create their own fascinating lives.

Whatever your focus is this year, please remember that the only thing that gets in your way of achieving your dreams is listening to your ego.  It tells you what you want isn’t possible.  So whatever you do, don’t listen to it!  As a Certified Life Coach, I initially spend time helping my clients gain clarity about what their ego is saying, realizing how sneaky it is, and helping them shut it down.

I’ll write more about how to do that in my upcoming ezines, but for this one I want to focus on the excitement of having what you’ve been dreaming about.

Step 1 to having a fascinating life is putting together a vision board.  This is a great way to focus and commit to what you want.  Get a corkboard and pin up pictures of what you want.  You can use Pinterest, which I love, but sometimes having something big and bold right out in front of you is a great stimulus.  Or you can write your dreams on a great big pad of paper in some fun colors.

Step 2 to having a fascinating life is to look or read what you designed and/or wrote and then spend 15 minutes every day, daydreaming about having what you want.  Do you want a joyful, loving fulfilling relationship?  Dream about being in one.  Do you want to be fit and healthy?  Dream about feeling and looking that way.  Do you want a new home?  Dream about happily living there.  Do you want an exciting new job?  Dream about what that will look and feel like.  Add in details and really be colorful in your mind and on paper.

And please know this:  what you want – as long as it comes from your heart and soul – is possible for the very reason that if you can dream about it, it’s meant to be.

The brilliant George Lucas – the creator of Star Wars movies and many other revolutionary ventures – said, “Don’t listen to your peers.  Don’t listen to your parents.  Don’t listen to your culture.  Only listen to yourself, that’s where you’re going to find your truth.”

You need to hear your truth to keep going forward with your dreams.  You need to commit to not listening to your excuses, or the negative comments of others.

In 1975 I took a solo trip around the world.  You should have heard all the people freaking out about the potential perils of my upcoming journey.  Fortunately I didn’t listen to them and I had the adventure of a lifetime.  I was only 25.  Life is fascinating if you allow it to be and make choices that are true for you.

And while you need to make choices to move forward, you also need to allow yourself to receive as you walk the path on your journey.

Step 3 to having a fascinating life is to know this Universe and God are capable of bringing you previously unimagined thrilling and humbling gifts.  I have proof in my own life and I’ve seen it in my clients’ lives. So don’t listen to the ego, that, as Dr. Wayne Dyer reminded us, stands for “edging God out” because if you listen to the ego you’ll block the thrilling gifts from God and this Universe.  Instead, open your arms, heart and mind and let your gifts flow to you.  Prepare to be jazzed with joy and deeply humbled.

To live a fascinating life follow the three simple steps:  visualize and daydream, make the necessary choices and allow yourself to receive.

Here’s to a fascinating, fulfilling, exciting and joyous 2016!

Imagine the possibilities…

© Carol Chanel


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