10 Ways to Regain Balance & Reduce Stress

  • Are you or a friend feeling stressed out?
  • Do you feel victimized at times?
  • Are you taking things personally and want to stop?
  • Are you ready to reduce your stress and regain balance?

Carol Chanel, Certified Life and Business Coach, has extensive experience helping people reduce stress, regain balance and recreate their lives. In her desire to reach more people, she worked with the delightfully warm and wise interviewer Dr. Bill Metcalf, no stranger himself to stress, to identify 9 significant stress triggers and 10 ways to overcome them.


Here’s an 8 minute selection to hear an excerpt from just one of Carol’s tips – “Don’t Be a Victim!”

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Here is what you will find in this product:

Two Hours of Audio!

Dr. Bill Metcalf interviews Carol on the 9 stress triggers and 10 ways to overcome them and regain balance. When you download the product you will find one big zipped file that contains the 11 individual topics you see below. Here’s what Bill says about this audio program: “I know when you read through the list of topics you may say, ‘Yeah, right. How do I do that?’ Well, those were my reactions too when I read them. So I really ‘grilled’ Carol to dig down and figure out the answers. This program will give you great tools and invaluable insights.”

20-Page Stress Relief Guide:

Carol wrote a 20 page guide to reducing stress and regaining balance that accompanies the audio so you can read as well as listen.

Here are the topics:

  • Draw Boundaries! Learn To Say No And Stick To It!
  • Quiet The Critical Fearful Voice AndPut HUMOR In Your Life
  • Assume The Positive
  • Stop Taking Things Personally
  • Stop Aiming For Perfection
  • Don’t Be A Victim
  • Avoid Power Struggles
  • Change Your Perspective About Money– How Much You Must Have
  • Look At What You’re Avoiding
  • Breath, Stretch and Walk
  • Action Steps for Change

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