Here are some articles I’ve written that will give you some ideas about the issues people deal with and how to resolve those issues.

Article 1: “DO YOU HAVE A CASE OF THE STUCKS?” The Four Things You Can Do To Get Unstuck

This article talks about where in their lives people get stuck, and it includes some real life client stories about where my clients got stuck and what they did to get unstuck.

“So what do you do with a guy who is stuck in the area of love. You teach him about love. And have him look at why he was afraid of love and, in his case, kept pushing it away. I think most of us can agree that being stuck without any love or hope of love in your life feels awful.”

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Article 2. “DO YOU TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY?” Learn How Not To

This article teaches you, through examples and explanations, how and why not to take things personally.

If you hear yourself say “I can’t believe they did or said that to ME”, then you need to stop, take a deep breathe, and realize you used the ME word about someone else’s behavior.

We make ourselves the important part of the interaction, when the truth is the other person is making themselves the important part of the interaction and that’s why it’s about them.”

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Article 3: “WHY MEN FEAR RELATIONSHIPS – The Unspoken Secret

This article discusses a major reason that many men fear relationships. Certified Life Coach, Carol Chanel discovered this in her years of working with men in sales, fitness training and life coaching.

Although most men want a loving relationship they often sabotage themselves to avoid one. You’ll learn what men do to sabotage themselves, and how to avoid it.

“Have you ever seen a male friend push a really great woman away? Are men really afraid of relationships? If they are, why?

Most men I talk with want a relationship. Usually they are happier when they are in one. They like to have someone to do things with, they like the connection, and they like the love. They like the love, but they seem afraid of it too. What makes so many men fear love? Well in my experience…”

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