Elevate to Great Program!

…and proclaim “I LOVE MY LIFE!”

You are meant to live a GREAT life filled with joy, love, meaning and abundance!

Are you ready to:

Reach beyond your limits to take some bold steps to live an inspired life?

Take your career or your relationship to the next level?

Listen to the hunger in your soul calling for more?

Have you tried to get to THE GREAT only to realize you just didn’t know how or the challenges were too daunting to move beyond without guidance?  That’s normal and expected.

Great athletes have coaches who help them get from good to great.  Super successful business people have coaches, mentors and advisors who helped them reach the top of their game.  Long lasting healthy relationships always need a fresh perspective through wisdom and guidance to keep thriving.

If you’re truly ready to feel great, I invite you to my “ELEVATE TO GREAT” three-month intensive coaching program where I’ll help you set up a well-defined doable action plan to get results.  And I’ll be with you to motivate you, hold you accountable and on track to reach your goals.

Together we’ll learn what has previously gotten in your way, in other words how you might inadvertently sabotage yourself; and I’ll teach you what your sabotaging voice says and how not listen to it.  Instead, I’ll help you hear and listen to your wise inner voice.

My goal is to see you jumping for joy and kicking your heels up at the great life you’re creating and living!

I created this program because when I reached for THE GREAT in my life the challenges initially stopped me and I didn’t know how to move forward.  Quitting wasn’t an option.  Being a coach, with access to a wealth of valuable insights from others, helped me put together my own plan of action and quiet my sabotaging voice.  Using my program, I now help my clients live in joy and have a great life

I only work with a limited number of women and men every year to create this advanced level of a fulfilling and joyful life.  This is not a program for people who don’t want to work to get there.  This is a program for those whose determination and/or the burning desire for great just won’t be silenced or stopped.  When quitting isn’t an option.

Program Benefits

  • Create a GREAT life
  • Live in Joy
  • Have more deeply fulfilling relationships
  • Do work that is uplifting, meaningful and ultimately financially rewarding
  • Listen to your wise inner voice
  • Learn how you inadvertently sabotage yourself, how not to, and if you do, how to get back on track
  • Trust yourself
  • Lean not to take things personally
  • Receive the guidance and assistance of others
  • Let the Universe work its magic in your life
  • Have and hold good boundaries
  • Stay focused, positive and on track until you reach your goals

What You Receive In This Three-Month Coaching Program:

  • Weekly 90 minute one-on-one coaching sessions for the 1st month, for the 2nd and 3rd months weekly 1 hour long coaching sessions
  • Weekly email check-in and follow-up – this helps me know how you’re doing during the week, so we can ensure your forward progress and help you if you get stuck during the week
  • Three books selected by me and sent to you during the three months – it’s crucial for you to have new ways of looking at relationships, Universal principles, and yourself
  • Quick get back on track – 15-minute personal phone or email coaching when necessary
  • Positive motivation and guidance to help you reach your goals

Participant’s Commitment

You agree to:

  • Be fully committed to having your life be great
  • Be prepared to commit to 12 consecutive weeks of intense action and learning to achieve your desired results – (if you have a conflict for one of the 12 weeks, we’ll figure something out)
  • Read articles and/or books I recommend or send
  • Not multitask during the coaching call
  • Not drive during the call
  • Do weekly homework assignments
  • Share fears, concerns, challenges and doubts with total honesty
  • Be on time and prepared for the call
  • Take notes or ask for mine
  • Not take other calls during the coaching call, unless it’s an emergency
  • Let people know you’re not available for the hour
  • Give Carol 24 hour email and phone message notice if you need to change times
  • Be willing to think of yourself as a winner, a worthy and highly valuable human being

Carol’s Commitment:

I will:

  • Believe in you 100% and never lose that belief no matter what you do, don’t do, say or don’t say
  • Show up on time for every call
  • Be fully present and focused on you during our call
  • See your gifts and value to yourself and others and share them with you
  • Come prepared by reviewing my notes and your homework assignment
  • Not be interrupted during our call
  • Access and share my Intuitive Gift with you and show you how to develop yours
  • Keep you moving forward when you get discouraged or frustrated
  • Not accept any excuses you use – we will work to help you understand why you use them, what the payoffs are for your excuses and how to replace them.
  • Teach you how to not sabotage yourself and if you do, how to get back on track
  • Be kind, firm, compassionate and honest


Everything you say or write to me, either during a coaching call or any other time, is 100% confidential.  I will never share anything you tell me with anyone.


ELEVATE TO GREAT Intensive Coaching Program:

For pricing options, please complete and return the application below.  I’ll be happy to send them to you at that time.

Next Step:

In order to determine if this program is right for you, I’ve set up an application process.

Your next step in this program is to fill out the application form below.  This is a very important part of the process as it allows us both to be clear when we talk.

You might want to download the application form here and fill it out at your leisure.  Then email your answers as an attachment to carol@carolchanel.com.

Upon receipt of this application, I will thoughtfully review it.  Then, I’ll email you to schedule a 20-minute individual phone session to discuss your goals and dreams, get to know each other, and answer your questions to determine whether this program is right for you now.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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