Who I Coach

Is This You?

You Have a Good Life Already, But Your “Joy Index” Isn’t At 100%

You Want to Have It All—According To Your Own Definition of “All”

I work with successful women of all ages to put the “icing on their cake.” More than that, together we decorate that icing with the things that make you smile most.

Highly successful compassionate women have specific unique issues. These run the gamut from being “too nice,” neglecting self-care, and occasionally tolerating the subpar. None of these issues is huge or overwhelming, but they deduct from the level of joy you experience.

You’ve already successfully put together a genuinely satisfying life. Now, you’re at a place where you want to “kick it up a notch.” You know you could be happier and feel joy more consistently. Your life is great AND you want to tune it to a higher vibration.

My Clients Are Looking For Solutions To A Few Perplexing Issues…

 …That Rob Them Of Considerable Life Satisfaction

When you’ve put together a beautiful and gratifying life, it’s frustrating to have the “fly in the ointment.” Should you settle for less than 100%? No! These are the kinds of issues my clients want to solve:

You don’t have as much joy in your love life as you want. Your relationship started out wonderfully, but the sizzle has fizzled. The worst part is that the two of you no longer have fun together. Your lives are so complex and distracting that fun isn’t even a concept in your relationship. There’s little or no romance, and neither of you feels inspired by the relationship. You’ve lost that “best friend” feeling—and passion along with it.

You’re doing work that does not thrill you. You’re successful in your career, but it’s no longer satisfying. Work doesn’t feel like a good enough reason to get up in the morning. You’re accustomed to knowing the answers and easily figuring out the path forward. However, this feels different—almost like it has to do with your purpose on earth—and you feel a little stumped.

You want to feel like life is a magical mystery tour rather than a drudging, trudging struggle. Though you’ve grown and evolved a lot already, there are a few obstacles in your way. You’re not big on excuses, and you stay focused on positive payoffs. However, you notice niggling doubts and fears that keep you from living in a state of joy. You want a little guidance to move out of your comfort zone towards having more of everything that makes living exhilarating.

With one or two people—you have problems setting boundaries or taking things personally. Generally, you have healthy and fulfilling relationships, but you let a couple of people knock you off balance. Unfortunately, these situations sometimes make you feel helpless and powerless.  You get triggered, and off you go on that same old emotional merry-go-round. You’re reacting, fuming, fussing and agitated. You’ve given away your serenity.

Overall, you surround yourself with great people, but still have a few People Picking Problems. Whether it’s in the romantic, work or personal arena, you occasionally allow less-than-optimal relationships. It’s infrequent, but you’re not sure why this is happening or exactly what to do differently. You simply recognize the results and don’t like the thoughts and feelings that come from these choices.

The Kinds Of Clients Who Get The Most Profound Results…

…Typically Demonstrate Some Common Characteristics

Having worked with hundreds of clients, it’s become obvious who will most easily increase their joy.  They all seem to have specific qualities, values and traits that help them become successful clients.

You are open to learning and applying new concepts. You seek change, and are willing and accustomed to taking charge of your life. When you “get” a new vision of possibility, you take it and run with it. You want to tweak and fine tune your life. We’re not rebuilding from the ground up.

You are kind, which means you have compassion for other people—and for yourself. You are both kind and firm, giving and loving but not a pushover. Kindness is a way of being and a way of living. When you’re kind you’re empathetic, decent and fair.

You are aware, meaning you’ve arrived at a level of evolved thinking and behavior. You truly understand your motivations, you live by positive intentions and you assume others don’t have negative motivations. You have a willingness to look past your own misperceptions to the truth of the matter. You choose to humbly take the higher ground. You resonate with the idea that it’s your thinking that either limits you or helps you fly.

You’re successful – meaning you’re doing well financially. You tend to succeed at whatever you set your mind to. Once you’ve set a course, you become unstoppable and do whatever it takes.

You’re smart, catch on quickly, and incorporate new information into your life seamlessly. You rarely get bogged down in confusion and not knowing how. Once you “see the light,” you see the path. It’s fairly easy for you to draw the connections and come to conclusions and then to take action.

You’re responsible, which means you “take care of business” both in your life and your career. You are accountable financially, timewise and with the results you get. You fully “own” responsibility for your life. There are no excuses and victims need not apply. You love to feel victorious in your learning.

Where To Next?

Now you have an idea about the kinds of clients I work with and the kinds of challenges they face. To learn the details of how I work and how coaching with me works, click on How I Coach.