“I am now living in the here and now and am no longer plagued by my inner fears. Carol Chanel has been able to show me an entire landscape in my world that I never noticed before.”

- Cassandra T.,

“Carol Chanel has helped me push through stubborn habits and self-imposed barriers.  Enabling me to create new opportunities for joy, abundance and clarity in life, love and beyond. I was looking for a ‘coach’ but I have found a true angel; a voice and guide for my soul.”

- Claire P.,

“Quite frankly Carol, I can offer an endorsement of you like I have never given anyone before. Your blend of compassion, analysis and intelligence is unparalleled. Coaching with you has changed me. I am glad you do this for other people as well. What a huge gift you offer humanity on a regular basis. It’s like changing the consciousness of humanity one soul unit at a time. As you unclog each pore soul the collective breathes that much better. My hat’s off to you Carol.”

- Rick Z.

“When I found Carol Chanel I was very ill and very scared. I had lost belief in myself. Carol guided me with such rare intuition, perception, clarity and love that she enabled me to rediscover strengths, talents, creativity, duty and my love for myself and life. From despair to delight – what a trip.”

- Linda Sherwood,

“You compassionately drew my edge to the surface and gave me new tools for self-acceptance. Thank you.”

- Starla Fortunato,

“I feel safe with you, Carol. Your gentle caring allows me to reveal and look at tender places. Your perceptive encouragement fortifies me. Thank you.”

- Reverend Dana St. Claire,

“Carol Chanel has helped me to unlock my true inner being, therein lies the key to spiritual liberation and harmony with the outside world.”

- Nikki Kvitky,

“Carol Chanel has been able to pinpoint the things in my life that weren’t working and guided me on a path to my true passion.”

- Gina Magee,

“Carol Chanel’s loving and clear guidance helped me find the Truth amid the clutter of the noise in my head and heart. Her gentleness of spirit made the process deep, lasting, and powerful, and the revelations I uncovered are truly my own!”

- Jessica Duquette, Organizer

“Carol Chanel taught me how to love myself. And when you can love yourself, it’s so much easier to truly love others. After that, life just keeps getting better and better.”

- Judd Matsunaga, Attorney at Law

“Carol Chanel is persistent at getting at the heart. She reminds me that all we should expect is to always do our best. Coaching helps me honor doing my best and the letting go after that effort.”

- Joyce Welch,

“Carol Chanel is a terrific guide – always centered and on the mark. Her insights and guidance have helped me deal with some very difficult and stressful situations, both personally and professionally. Her encouragement is endless. In short, coaching with her is an extraordinary experience.”

- Lisa Brockman

“Carol Chanel helped me define and refine my values. It became clear what I did want to do. Having an objective advocate helped me to see the changes I needed and wanted to make and to trust my decisions.”

- Rebecca Maggard

“Carol Chanel is a great coach, especially in terms of her communication skills. She is able to listen beyond what I say to what I really mean; and then she is capable of asking me thought-provoking questions that help me get beyond my head to the heart of my issue, which is where I find resolution. In particular, Carol provided a supportive environment for me to get beyond some issues my Ego was having with some friends, and consequently I was present when an opportunity presented itself to appear on national TV for the first time!”

- Dr. Whitey Brewer,