What Is Your Super Power?

Last week I listened to a woman talk about the fact that we all have a Super Power.  Isn’t it fun to think about having a Super Power? We are all Super Women and Men!!

I want to credit Karri Flatla, who shared this idea in a video on her website.  I sat enthralled listening to her talk about it.

To help you determine your Super Power, here’s what Kerri says are the three T’s, or qualities, of a superpower:


1)   Time – it endures the test of time, it’s always been with you

2)   Transferable – it’s a soft skill that you can apply to different tasks and situations

3)   Transformational – creates positive change for you and others


What Superpowers do some of your friends or family have? 

As I’ve been thinking about this, I came up with a short list of famous people and their Superpowers:

33 Chilean Miners – FAITH and Strength

Nelson Mandela – Courage and Fortitude

Dalai Lama – Compassion and Courage

Mother Teresa – Faith put into Action

Wayne Dyer – Love and Willingness to Share, be Seen and Heard

Irving Berlin – Love of Music, Not letting his limitations stop him – he couldn’t read or write music

Oprah – Courage and Foresight

Thomas Edison – Creativity and Determination

Albert Einstein – Intelligence – on many levels

It’s easy to see Superpowers in famous people.  We can look at their lives and see it so clearly. But how about for the rest of us?

What is yours? Look at your life.  Look at what you take for granted about yourself. Look at what others acknowledge you for, but you dismiss or just take for granted.  That is your Super Power.

Doesn’t it feel good to think about having a Super Power? You brought it into this lifetime to help you, and by helping yourself you either directly or indirectly help others.

I know mine is Eternal Optimism.  It has been with me my whole life, I can apply it to many situations and it definitely allows me, in my coaching, to help others create positive change in their lives.  I believe in them and this loving Universe, until they can believe in themselves, have faith and the strength to take action and create their ideal lives.

Those 33 Chilean miners taught the whole world about Faith and Strength. They believed they were going to be rescued, and they were – sooner than anyone had dreamed possible.  As the day progressed so did the speed with which they ascended out of their tomb.

As I watched before the final rescue worker, Manuel Gonzalez, was pulled to safety, I wondered what was going through his mind as he sat alone, down in that mine, for 26 minutes.  I had tears streaming down my face and my heart was spilling over with love and joy as he finally ascended back to earth and exited that capsule.

I wonder what Manuel’s Super Power is.  I don’t know for sure but I think it’s Courage/Caring.  For me, I’ve never seen that kind of courage before.  I saw his face before he went down there – the first person to go down in the mine where the 33 men were trapped.  He was willing to be the guinea pig for the rescue capsule Phoenix that had never transported a human being before, much less from more than 2,000 feet below ground.

I also saw his face when he came up.  I was so struck by how he looked as he hugged the last man who greeted him upon his return.

I don’t know what was in his soul, but that look will stay with me the rest of my life. I think he finally realized what he had helped accomplish and the enormity of it.  He had been willing to sacrifice his own life for the sake of 33 men.  I am awed.  And I’m so grateful for human beings like Manuel Gonzalez and all the people who made those rescues a success.  Because they not only rescued those 33 miners, they gave the rest of the world a huge gift – Trust.

So please realize, you too have a Super Power.  You don’t have to use it to go into a mine to rescue anyone.  You can use it for yourself and make this a better world just because you’re here.

You have a gift – a power – use it.  Give it freely to all who will receive it.  And remember, if others don’t consciously receive it right now, it has impacted their soul and their heart, whether they can admit it or not. Their higher self knows the truth. And best of all, you and your higher self will feel the joy of sharing it. 

Imagine the possibilities…

© Carol Chanel

Q & A

One of my clients called the other day and asked me for some steps to keep her from getting stuck in Yuma. Since she’s been working with me for a while she had the framework that I outlined in the main article. I wanted you all to have the framework so you could put the steps to work in your life.

Happy Dreaming, Happy Achieving


If you want more information about the subject matter in the main article there are two brilliant books and a CD that are insightful and inspiring.

“The Power of Intention” by Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Ask and It’s Given” by Abraham-Hicks

Abraham-Hicks Kansas City 9/14/05 CD – single CD, about $15.
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These books and CD’s are uplifting, inspiring and powerful and provide the tools you’ll need to have a life of happiness, love, fulfillment and joy.

Keep believing, allowing and receiving!

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