What is Your Heart’s Joyful Expression?

Are you excited with your life? Do you wake up on Monday morning like a child full of joy and laughter ready to start your day? When you think about your relationships are you filled with gratitude at the amazing people in your life?

If you want a Rockin’ Relationship you have to start by having one with yourself. And the best way I know to do that is to do the things you love and to create and share your gifts.

What is your joyful expression?

Years ago, after having almost died for the third time, and separating with no money from my dear husband, I got lucky and found my soul’s passion. Life Coaching is what I love to do and how I express my gift.

Believing in people, walking with them until they believe in themselves, and an all loving, all giving Source, is how I share my gift with the world. I know that every minute I’m given with each precious soul is an opportunity to let that person experience their uniqueness, beauty and magnificence. And I get to love and support them – unconditionally. Imagine the joy in my soul!!

We all have our artist soul, our creative gift, that puts smiles on our faces, love in our hearts and joy in our souls.

Eccentric wisdom…on how to live, love and see

I want to share an excerpt, from the introduction of Naomi Wolf’s new book “The Treehouse,” that so beautifully expresses her father’s wisdom about life.

“Leonard Wolf, my father, is a wild old visionary poet. He believes that the heart’s creative wisdom has a more important message than anything else, and our task in life is to realize that message.”

“He is a teacher, and has taught in every kind of setting, for almost sixty years. He changes people’s lives because he believes that everyone is here on earth as an artist; to tell his particular story or sing her irreplaceable song; to leave behind a unique creative signature. He believes that your passion for this, your feelings about this, must take priority over every other reasoned demand: status, benefits, sensible practices.”

“Leonard feels that your medium may be words or music or paint; it could also be the guiding of an organization, the baking of a certain kind of cake, the edging of a garden, the envisioning of a new kind of computer network, or the gesture that brushes the hair away from the forehead of a hurt child. What matters to my father is not whether the creative work is valued in the marketplace; what matters to him is whether or not it is yours.

“He believes that each of us arrived here with this unique creative DNA inside us. If we are not doing that thing which is our innate mission, then, he feels, no matter how much money or status we might have, our lives will feel drained of their true color. He believes that no amount of money or recognition can compensate you if you are not doing your life’s passionate creative work; and if you are not doing it, you had better draw everything to a complete stop until you can listen deeply to your soul, identify your true heart’s desire, and change direction. It’s that urgent.”

What is your heart’s desire?

When you feel it you start to tingle. It’s usually the thing you do that comes naturally to you. The thing you started to do and talked yourself out of. You couldn’t make a living as an actor or poet, you couldn’t support your life style playing music or singing in clubs, you couldn’t…

And so if you took the safe route maybe you became a lawyer, accountant, salesperson, communications analyst, stockbroker, a human resource manager.

And with each raise and promotion you got sucked further and further away from your joyful expression until all that remains is a glimmer of the child’s excitement you radiated when people asked you what you wanted to do. As a child you told everyone with excitement and enchantment your brilliantly imagined life as a dress designer for rock ‘n roll artists, a fiery flamenco dancer in Spain, a sky diving teacher in California, a loving veterinarian in African.

Your imagination flourished and was rich with details. You didn’t know you “couldn’t” do those things. You only knew what you could do.

Right now go back to your pure childlike imagination.Spend 15 minutes every day imagining the life you want and want to create. Then create. Pick up that guitar, paintbrush, pencil. Turn on that music and sing and dance. Let it rip! Let your heart sing and your soul express its gift. Have fun!

What you have to offer the world is too precious to wait another second. What you have to gain from stepping into your passion is joy and growth. Don’t wait another second. We need you and your gift.

imagine the possibilities…

© Carol Chanel

Q & A

From Lynda, a 37-year-old physical therapist from Florida

Q: Carol, I’ve had an idea of what I want to do and I’m always talking myself out of it. I want to teach yoga and movement classes on the beach during the winter to seniors. I love being outdoors and watching the sun rise and set. Am I totally crazy to think I can do this and make a living at it?

A: Lynda, you’re definitely not crazy. This is a lovely gift to give to seniors. They need to have someone who understands their needs and capabilities. What senior wouldn’t love to be outdoors moving and stretching and feeling good?

Since you’ve chosen something that is seasonal, I want to ask you to also find something that fills you with joy for the summer months. Maybe you want to travel to California, Hawaii and other places and train instructors – other physical therapists – how to do this.

Then you’d have a business that provides income, beyond your individual teaching. I can see you doing a video for seniors that could be sold to assisted living centers around the country.

And do you want to do private sessions? That could be fun and lucrative. See with just a few minutes of time, I’ve been able to imagine several possibilities for you. With your passion and experience the possibilities are endless. Lynda, have fun creating and sharing your gift!



As you can tell I love the book I referenced in the main article, “The Treehouse” by Naomi Wolf. It is filled with great wisdom from her 80+ year-old father and she has the depth and gifted writing style to share it in a way that engages you and touches your heart and soul. Her father came from poor and painful beginnings. He used his imagination to escape the pains of poverty, violence and hard work. Most of us are far more fortunate than he was, but he turned that pain into a gift and used his imagination to escape to, and ultimately create, a better world. He continues to create a better world every day, for himself and everyone around him, by living his gifted life. He shares in his final chapters that “your only wage is joy” and “mistakes are part of the draft.” So make mistakes and feel your joy.

The chapter titles are Leonard Wolf’s lessons for finding your passion and gift:

Be Still and Listen
Use Your Imagination
Destroy the Box
Speak in Your Own Voice
Identify Your Heart’s Desire
Do Nothing Without Passion
Be Disciplined with Your Gift
Pay Attention to the Details
Your Only Wage Will Be Joy
Mistakes Are Part of the Draft
Frame Your Work
Sign It and Let It Go

Enjoy the creative journey and fill yourself with joy!

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