The Year of Glorious Lasting Love

Do you want this to be the year you experience the power and glory of lasting love? Are you thinking this is the year you are going to find your true love or marry your true love?

Maybe you’re planning on getting in great shape. Or changing careers and doing something meaningful and fun?

There are four steps to having what you want in your life. Make sure you get clear on what you want – write down all the details. Then set your intention, believe and take action.

So what does that actually look like? Let’s take the example of finding glorious lasting love with your ideal partner.

Step one: You want to know who your ideal partner is. I’ll add a list of questions in the Resource section of this ezine that you can use to put together your description. You need to know who this person is, so you know whom to attract.

Step two: Set your intention. “It is my intention to attract and be in a relationship with my ideal partner within the first three months of 2007.” Or, “it’s my intention to attract, begin to date and get to know the man or woman of my dreams.” “It’s my intention to experience lasting, glorious love with my partner.”

Step three: You need to believe this will happen. Any doubts, or fears, need to be processed so you can move beyond them. You can’t attract what you want from a place of doubt and fear.

Step four: Take some action. Get out into the world. That is your way of saying yes to meeting people. Let your friends and co-workers know you want to meet your ideal partner. Join a wine club, a travel group, or a networking group. Join an online dating service. They work, if you believe.

These steps are easy and there is usually only one step where we all get tripped up and lose our focus – step three.

The Rear View Mirror Trap

To keep doubt and fear from blocking what will naturally flow to you, don’t look in the rear view mirror. Drive through this year of your life with your eyes focused on the road in front of you.

So many people spend so much time looking in the rear view mirror of life, that they don’t move forward.

See if you hear yourself saying any of the following things: “Every man I’ve ever dated always thought I was great at first but then lost interest. Why should this new man be any different?” “I’ve never been able to stick to a fitness program before, why do I think I’ll succeed this time?” “I tried and failed to make money doing something I love. I should just stick with this safe job.”

If those thoughts, or similar negative thoughts, are in your mind, then you’re looking in the rear view mirror.

The past doesn’t determine your future. You create your future with your present thoughts. If you focus on the past, you will get more of the past.

Remember, you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. Your thoughts create your reality.

So choose to positively create your life.

Choose what you want to attract to your life this year. Write it down, say it out loud, believe and take appropriate action. And keep believing. And when the doubt comes in, tell it to go away. Go back to believing.

Believing is a choice. Not believing is also a choice. Your choice.

Choose to dream. Choose to know that your dreams will be answered if you follow the four simple steps.

imagine the possibilities…

© Carol Chanel



Here are the questions that are designed to help you get clear about your ideal partner. Create a calm, quiet, warm space and then sit down to answer them. Take your time to answer these questions. Have fun with this process.
1. How do you want to feel when you are with this person?

2. What makes you smile when you think of them?

3. Are they romantic? How do they show it to you?

4. What manners do you want them to have? Opening car doors, pulling your chair out, table manners?

5. What kind of work do they do? Are they successful? How much money do they need to make?

6. Do they share your values? What are those values?

7. Passionate? In what ways? How do they express it?

8. What kind of clothing do they like and wear?

9. What kind of family are they from? How do they treat their family?

10. How do they treat their friends? How do they treat service professionals – waiters, store clerks, etc?

11. What kind of friends do they have? Do you want to spend time with their friends?

12. Have they previously been married? If so, what kind of relationship do they have with their ex?

13. Do they have children from a previous marriage? If so, how old? Where do they live? What kind of relationship do they have? Are they riddled with guilt over the divorce? (These questions are crucial; I’ve seen great relationships derail over these issues.)

14. Are they victims or victorious? In other words, do they complain about how badly things go for them, or do they meet life’s challenges head on and choose to be victorious? We are either victims of our circumstances, or victorious in our learning.

15. How do they handle money? Are they stingy, fearful, extravagant, wise, generous? What are their thoughts about abundance?

16. ARE THEY AVAILABLE? Physically, emotionally, geographically? If a man or woman is married, separated, or involved with someone else, they are not available. If they are going through a divorce, they are not available.

17. Are they physically active? Are they physically healthy?

18. Are they emotionally healthy? How do you know?

19. Are they educated? What kind of education?

20. Do they like to travel? Are they risk takers?

21. Do you have their undivided attention or do they have their eyes out for other possibilities?

22. HOW DO THEY TREAT YOU? Are they kind, considerate, compassionate, understanding, loving, supportive? How do you want them to treat you? Do you feel safe enough to be emotionally intimate with this person? This is the most important question.

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