Stop and Listen to Your Wise Voice!

I recently spent a lovely week in Nantucket, MA. with my husband’s family. We had a lot of fun talking, eating, playing with babies, shopping and exercising.

I was out walking one morning and watched a bicyclist go through a stop sign and run right into a car. She flew over the car and fortunately landed on the grass and since she was wearing a helmet her head was fine. Her ankle was badly broken. I stayed with her until the ambulance came, helping her stay calm and taking as much of her pain as I could and replacing it with love.

Afterwards I stopped to say a prayer for the speedy and proper healing of her ankle; and I started thinking about the whole concept of not stopping.

What I realized was “not stopping” comes from our ego telling us that if we stop, it means something negative. For each person it’s different. I can hear the ego saying things like: “If I stop I’ll lose time,” or “I have to keep working to get this perfect,” or “If I stop, I won’t be as successful as …”

At the root of all our excuses for not stopping is a negative thought about ourselves. It is driven by how we think others will perceive us and / or how we perceive ourselves. The ego loves to tell you that stopping means something negative about you. Actually the opposite is true.

Let’s look at where you might need to stop. Are you working too hard and not taking time to exercise? Are you charging money on your credit cards instead of creating the money through the law of attraction? Are you letting your negative self-talk drain your energy? Are you putting off talking to your partner / friend / boss about something that is bothering you?

Whatever you are doing that isn’t working STOP! Take a moment to rethink your decision to not stop. Don’t let your ego – the voice in your head that drives you to do things that are ultimately harmful – run the show. Listen to your inner wisdom. You have a wise voice.

You came here to have a joyful life and to create. You are more joyful and creative when you are relaxed, eat well, exercise regularly, don’t get yourself into debt, and talk lovingly to yourself.

Stop the ego and let your loving wise voice take the lead. It will always guide you in the right direction. 

imagine the possibilities…

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Q & A

From Cindy, a 40-year-old architect in New York City

Q: Carol, I am so tired all the time. I work non-stop during the week and never even have an evening for a dinner and movie with a friend. My husband never sees me during the week and he is upset that I am working all the time. I don’t know how to stop. It feels like I spent so many years training to get to this point in my career but now I’m not enjoying it. I’m afraid that if I don’t work as hard as the other people in the office then I won’t get the good assignments or be perceived as a team player. Help! What can I do to satisfy both my desire for a great career and for a personal life?

A: Cindy, this is a perfect question and you are not alone in this dilemma. Let’s see what kind of a solution we can come up with for you. It seems from what you told me that the basic problem stems from your perception that if you work less you won’t get the credit, good jobs or advancements that you want. I wonder?

Here’s what I know to be true about most companies. They are ultimately looking for production. Great production. In your case they want to see a brilliant design that the client will love and addresses all of their needs and concerns.

That doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of hours you work. In fact, working too many hours could keep you from doing your best creative work.

So the real issue here is how you think you will be perceived as not being a team player and how that will affect your advancement. Is that true or is it a reflection of what your ego is telling you? I can hear the ego saying things like, “If you don’t work as hard as everyone else, you’ll be tossed out. You need to work, work, work. You need to prove yourself.” That is one of the biggest ego statements. It wants to keep you from stopping. “You have to prove yourself. And long hours, sweat equity proves you care.” No it doesn’t.

Long hours cost you productivity and efficiency. It’s the old model. “I have to work hard.” No you don’t. Not all the time. You do need to ease up on yourself and give yourself some chances to have fun. What if you decide to not work late on Tuesday and Thursday nights? That way you can exercise, go to a movie, have dinner. Whatever. Imagine how fresh and productive you’ll be on Wednesday and Friday. Cindy, please try it and see what I’m talking about. If you notice you are fresher and more productive then implement it and stick to it.

Don’t let your ego keep you from having a balanced life.


There is a wonderful tape on “Inner Guidance” recorded by Abraham-Hicks. It offers great clarity about what our inner guidance is and what it isn’t. Abraham encourages us to think thoughts that are joyful, positive, and abundant. From that place we are open to our inner guidance system.

When we feel positive, open and trusting, we will listen to our inner guidance and move out of the way when it tells us to, thus perhaps avoiding a falling box or an oncoming car.

If we are thinking thoughts of lack, or negative thoughts about ourselves or others, then we can’t hear our inner guidance. We are in the negative energy field and inner guidance can’t flow to us then. The same is true when we blame, criticize, judge, or stand in lack – we can’t receive inner guidance.

The tape is excellent. I encourage you to buy it and listen to it. In the meantime think positive thoughts and listen to your inner guidance.

To order the tape, go to their website:

Happy Listening!

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