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Valentine’s Day can be fun!  How are you going to celebrate it?  Have you made plans for dinner and dancing, a weekend away or a quiet dinner at home?  Are you searching for fun or meaningful cards and gifts?

I was in a card store yesterday and heard the owner telling a woman that on the morning of Valentine’s Day men run into the shop to buy cards.  She asked what women buy men for Valentine’s Day.  He quickly responded with a feminine clothing idea, then laughed and said he actually had no idea.

It seems both men and women struggle with the “right” thing to do or give on Valentine’s Day.

While it can be fun, too often I hear people place an unhealthy emphasis on Valentine’s Day.  If a special person doesn’t treat you the way you expect to be treated, and as a result you feel unloved or unworthy – that’s unhealthy.  That’s a lot of pressure to put on another person and on a relationship.

The real key is how you treat yourself and others every day!

And if you don’t have someone special to share this Valentine’s Day with, don’t go to the place of feeling unlovable.  You’re not unlovable.  Don’t tell yourself a lie.

So what works better for Valentine’s Day?  Share YOUR love!  It’s not about the perfect card, flowers, gift, meal or person.  It’s about sharing love.

There are people you know who don’t feel loved.  Do something fun and loving to remind them of how special they are to you.

Candy, a card, home made cookies, a hug or a little bouquet of flowers can go a long way to lifting their spirits.  And yours will be lifted too. Even if you send a cute ecard, they’ll know they aren’t alone and are being thought of on Valentine’s Day.

And at the start of the day – celebrate by giving yourself love!  Set aside a few quiet moments in the morning to give love to yourself.  Be grateful for your gifts, talents, desires, humanity and your heart.  No matter what your relationship status is, you will have a great day if you start it by giving love to yourself.  Then love will pour out of your heart and spirit, and others will respond to your loving energy.

Choose to love yourself!  Choose to share your love!

Imagine the possibilities….

© Carol Chanel


Don Miguel Ruiz’s fabulous book, “The Mastery of Love” has a beautiful prayer for self-love at the end of the book. I love this book and highly recommend it to you. It’s available in paperback on Amazon.

Here’s a paragraph from the self-love prayer:

“Let our self-love be the power that changes the dream of our life. With this new power in our hearts, the power of self-love, let us transform every relationship we have, beginning with the relationship we have with ourselves. Let us be happy to share our time with our loved ones and to forgive them for any injustice we feel in our mind. Help us to love ourselves so much that we forgive anyone who has ever hurt us in our life.”

Here’s the last paragraph:

“Today is a new beginning. Help us to start our life over beginning today with the power of self-love. Help us to enjoy our life, to enjoy our relationships, to explore life, to take risks, to be alive, to no longer live in fear of love. Let us open our heart to the love that is our birthright. Help us to become Masters of Gratitude, Generosity, and Love so that we can enjoy all of your creations forever and ever. Amen.”

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