Revealing the Secrets of Not Being Seen

In the last ezine we looked at basic reasons why others can’t see you and why you haven’t been able to see yourself. This issue is about the five profound and -until now – secret reasons why others can’t see you.

This may be the most important information I’ve ever written. If you want to understand why it’s been so challenging to be seen and why it’s different now, please keep reading.

Five Profound Reasons Why – in the past – You Haven’t Been Seen

If you could, you would remember that before you came into this physical body you knew certain things: you’re an Eternal Being, you’re valuable and worthy, you create your reality, and you enjoy creating it. You would also remember that you are love and connected to the Divine Source of Love. You knew who you were.

Then you came into this body, forgot all that you knew and have been working to re-remember.

First Reason

Here’s the key to help you understand why others haven’t been able to see you – you’re probably an advanced soul.

Most of my readers are advanced souls. The degree of advancement doesn’t matter. We are all working our way back home to love, freedom, peace and joy.

Second Reason

And throughout your life the majority of people you have encountered are less advanced souls.

Less advanced souls are singularly focused, more prone to prejudice, criticism, lower consciousness and more rigid thinking. They won’t have the depth needed to see beyond a certain focus. They are apt to be more focused on ego-based things like status, accumulation, degrees or success. They are usually less focused on connecting and bonding in relationships, or Divine connection.

Advanced souls are significantly different. They have higher consciousness levels, depth, compassion, kindness and heart-centered thinking. They also have vision, a desire to connect to others and to Divine Source, are light-filled, gentle and have an ability to walk in others shoes.

You probably knew, from an early age, you were different. You might be confused as to why you’re different and looked to others to explain it, help you understand it, or even just to see you.

Third Reason

Here’s the problem – if most of the people on the planet prior to say 2001 were less advanced souls and they were operating from a consciousness level below the level of 200 – the level of courage – then they couldn’t see you. (For more information on this, read “Power vs. Force” by David Hawkins.)

What if you chose parents who were less advanced or who saw the light in you and were worried about you? Perhaps that worry had them try to protect you by having you play small in the world. In other words, keep you from being seen by those who might take advantage of your gifts before you were strong enough to protect yourself with good boundaries and understanding.

Fourth Reason

Then there’s the challenge of the sheer volume of less advanced souls. As an advanced soul you are a minority. But the good news is, there are plenty of advanced souls.

Fifth Reason

Now let me throw one more challenge into the mix. It’s harder for male advanced souls to come to terms with who they are than female advanced souls.

Why? Well we live in a culture that doesn’t allow boys to cry, feel, or express emotions. They are supposed to be the aggressors and driven to succeed.

Often male advanced souls don’t truly care about society-defined success. They are here for a purpose, a joyful purpose. Not many men find true joy in their corporate careers. Most women don’t either.

So let me summarize. You forgot you are worthy, valuable, creative, loved and connected. You’re an advanced soul and you’ve been dealing with volumes of mostly less advanced, lower consciousness souls. And men have had it harder and more challenging than women.

Let’s look at how this might have created you not feeling great about yourself.

As a teenager or young woman, you might have looked to the opposite sex to “see” you.

You didn’t understand that you might have been attracted to less advanced souls – or you may have attracted them. You were surrounded by more of them, so there was a strong likelihood that you dated or even married them.

It wasn’t likely to work out. You ended up feeling badly about yourself because you were in the wrong environment dealing with men, who even if they were advanced souls, weren’t in touch with that yet.

When men are younger, they really can’t see themselves and they definitely can’t see you. You weren’t able to see yourself, and you didn’t have all the added burdens that men have in this society.

Not being seen might have resulted in you becoming discouraged about ever finding the right relationship. It makes sense. But that was then.

Let It Go and Come into the Now

NOW you are in the present moment and you can choose to let all the discouragement and pain go. Men are becoming more comfortable being who they are – advanced souls.They definitely want an advanced partner. They’ve tried less advanced women – not understanding this concept – with disastrous results. Just as you, as women, will have tried the same thing with the same disastrous results.

Please let it all go. Letting go is a choice and it’s worth taking the energy required to make it. It’s a new time. The consciousness level has risen to over 200, the level of courage. (Read “Power vs Force” by David Hawkins for more detail about this subject.)

Now You Know

You now know that you are an advanced soul who inadvertently drew in less advanced souls and why that didn’t work. You realize why they couldn’t see you. You also now know that there are more advanced souls and that the consciousness level is rising. You will have happier, healthier, more fulfilling, loving, less dramatic and traumatic relationships with advanced souls than with less advanced souls.

I want to add one thing – you still want to only allow HEALTHY people into your life. Not all advanced souls are healthy. Some are badly damaged from having to deal with being too bright a light. However, if an advanced soul decides to heal they can do so with miraculous results.

So use your intuition to guide you. Listen closely. Don’t go back to fear and settle. You don’t have to. There are plenty of advanced, healthy souls.


Let me share with you how one of my clients, “Sara” attracted her advanced boyfriend. She worked with me for about six months learning all sorts of exciting things about herself. She’s smart, wise, fun, upbeat, positive, advanced, se*y, and powerful. A true Goddess!

She then dated several men who definitely weren’t at her level. She could see it, didn’t take it personally or feel badly about it. Each man she attracted kept getting better and better. She didn’t settle. She just kept enjoying her life and, of course, attracted men because she was feeling so good about herself.

Then she met an amazing man. She had to do some work to help him open up. She had to ask for what she wanted. She had to be patient. Men aren’t used to dealing with Goddesses after all. I told her to give him a little time to adjust. The poor guy was blown away and somewhat speechless.

I don’t know if she’ll marry him, but I know he’s exceptional.

They are getting closer every day – honoring each other, trusting each other, allowing each other to be who they are, having fun together and falling more and more in love every day. Sara attracted an advanced, powerful soul. They SEE each other.

It’s Different Now

It’s a different world now. Let go of discouragement. Don’t give up!!!

Realize who you are — an advanced, powerful soul. Be it, live it. Remember your value and worth. Remember your creative nature; and create your reality. There are men and women who will be so happy to see you. And you can help them see themselves. It’s a glorious, joyful way to live your life.

Choose to see. Choose to remember.

imagine the possibilities…

© Carol Chanel

Q & A

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I want to share some of the powerful books I used for this article. I put together the information for the ezine from all the asking, reading and studying I’ve done over the last 20 + years.

Each of these authors shares amazing information. I ask my clients to read most of these books so they have this amazing, powerful and uplifting information in their minds, hearts and souls. It allows my clients to begin to see and re-remember.

The books I read for this article are:

“Power vs. Force” by Dr. David Hawkins

“Ask and It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks – Teachings of Abraham

“A New Beginning I & II” by Jerry and Esther Hicks – Teachings of Abraham

“Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav

“There’s A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem” by Dr. Wayne Dyer

“The Four Agreements” and “The Mastery of Love” by Don Miguel Ruiz

“The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle
Happy Re-Remembering!


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