Life’s Secret Revealed!!

Are you wondering if there is a secret, and if only you knew it you could have the most amazing life? Have you always wanted a genie to appear and grant you three wishes?

I’ve rediscovered that secret…and that genie is not in a bottle, but in a DVD.

The DVD, “The Secret” reveals the secrets to how to live your dream life.

Since most of my clients have benefited from “The Secret,” I want my readers to know about it too.

The DVD tells us that for a long time “The Secret” was known only to a small group of ultra successful people – mostly men.

A few weeks ago Larry King, on his popular CNN Larry King Live show, had a panel featuring some of the main contributors in the DVD. So it’s no longer a secret. Good for Larry King for bringing this information to the mainstream.

So what is The Secret? It’s the “Law of Attraction.” And the DVD brings together many experts to explain how it works in your life.

The following excerpts from the DVD explain it. They’re all similar, just expressed in a slightly different way.

Your thoughts create your reality


You get what you think about whether you want it or not


Everything that comes into your life, you’re attracting to you and it’s attracted to you by virtue of the images you’re holding in your mind


Our job as humans is to hold onto the thoughts of what we want
You become what you think about most and you attract what you think about most


See yourself living in abundance and you will attract abundance
It always works, it works every time with every person


Law of Attraction always works whether you understand or believe it
The problem is that most people think about what they don’t want and then wonder why it shows up over and over again
All thoughts don’t come true instantly, which serves you – otherwise you could get what you don’t want in an instant. This way you have time to realize what you’re thinking about and change your thoughts
You can’t monitor all your thoughts (60,000 a day) and you can notice your feelings – they let you know what you’re thinking, if it feels good or feels bad to you. Your emotions are your gift to let you know what you’re attracting
Thoughts and feelings create your life
To attract what you want, visualize yourself having it or living it
Your job is not to think or worry about, or even try to create the HOW it will work. That is the Universe’s job!

I think you get the Law of Attraction now – you get what you think about and what you feel, so be aware of your feelings, then notice your thoughts and change them to match what you want.

The three steps to attracting what you want are:

1) Ask for what you want
2) The Universe goes into action to bring you what you want – Law of Attraction
3) Allow and receive it

This is really simple isn’t it? So why don’t more people have the life they want –the love, home, friends, job, money and health?

It’s because they don’t understand how The Law of Attraction works. And more than likely they are focusing on what they don’t want.


Fearful thoughts will block what you want and create more of what you don’t want.

Notice your feelings – when you see a couple in love do you feel happy for them? Or are you jealous of them? If you’re happy for them you are creating love coming to you. Jealousy, anger or even depression (anger turned inward) are fear-based thoughts and will keep love away.

When you see a happy couple imagine yourself in that scenario. Daydream about yourself with your ideal partner. Spend 15 minutes a day, daydreaming your life into reality.

If you don’t like something about your life, you’ll want to realize you’ve inadvertently been thinking and feeling your fears into reality. Don’t feel badly about that. We’ve all done it, and we’ll do it some more. As long as we’re human we are going to have fears because we have an ego. As you work on the ego to quiet it, then those fears will diminish and you will come more from love than fear.

To get ready for your daydreaming time you can sit and listen to some wonderful soothing music, go for a walk, take a long bubble bath – anything to relax. Then let yourself daydream. Remember how naturally you did this as a child. Contemplate or visualize your way to love and joy.

I encourage buying “The Secret” and experiencing it for yourself. What I like about “The Secret” is you really see how the visualization process works. And because there is lots of repetition it works on the subconscious mind – where most of your fearful thoughts are stored and hidden.

Have fun creating your life! Play with these ideas and with your visualizations. As Abraham says, “Life is supposed to be fun”

“You create your Universe as you go along.” Albert Einstein

Choose to feel good. Choose to reach for better feeling thoughts. Choose to create the life you want. Don’t worry about HOW it will happen. We can’t understand how, that’s for The Universe to create, and it will be better than we can possibly imagine. We can only choose to be hopeful, choose to ask and choose to allow.

imagine the possibilities…

© Carol Chanel


You can download “The Secret” for $4.95, or you can buy the DVD for $29.95, plus tax and shipping. The link to their official website where you can buy it is:
Happy Creating and Attracting!!!

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