Let Your Smile be Your Most Significant Enhancement!

It’s not often a woman does something that shocks me. After all, I live in LA. But a couple of weeks ago, deep in the heart of Hollywood, off of young, fun, crazy and hip Melrose Avenue, I was stunned by a woman’s “revealing” behavior.

Here’s what happened. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon we were driving down a side street right off Melrose Avenue looking for parking. My husband suddenly shouted, “What is that?” As he inched the car forward, I looked up to see an attractive woman standing a few feet away, pulling the top of her dress down to her waist, while holding her skirt up to her waist. She had nothing on up top and not much on the bottom. As we stared in wide-eyed wonder, it became apparent she was sharing her significantly silicone-enhanced body with a pizza delivery guy in the car in front of us. He was almost falling out of his seat taking pictures of her with his cell phone.

His behavior was predictable, and what was really interesting to watch was the reaction of the other men. This is a busy area and men were pulled over in their cars, dumbfounded. A car going the opposite direction, pulled up beside us and the male driver shook his head and muttered something like, “only in Hollywood.”

None of these men jumped out of their car and asked her for a date. They just stared in disbelief. They were more shocked than I was.

It led me to wonder if men weren’t falling over themselves to ask that woman out, then do we, as women, really know what attracts them?

I began paying more attention to how single women dressed and what they revealed when they were out in bars or restaurants.

I think as women we believe (I used to) that in order to attract men we are supposed to wear figure-revealing clothes. But the message you’re sending if you do that is not about wanting a great relationship. The message is, I’m available tonight. And that’s okay, if that’s what you want.

But if you want to meet a great guy and have a great relationship, I encourage you to wear figure-flattering clothes so you are more relaxed and less exposed. Men have great imaginations, and they like to use them. Don’t spoil it for them.

I’ve heard many of my handsome, available male clients tell me they were attracted to a woman who wasn’t wearing lots of makeup, was dressed in a fun, easy style, was comfortable with herself and seemed confident.

And she was wearing a smile.

A successful dating coach says to smile at a man you find attractive for 5 full seconds. Then when he walks up, let him talk first. Don’t be the first person to talk. I would recommend sending him some fun energy too. We start the process. Men respond to our energy. Our interest in them.

So I want you to try it. The next time you and your girlfriends go out for a drink or dinner, wear something you’re comfortable in, that looks great on you and leaves lots to the imagination. Don’t look like you’re trying to get picked up. Do smile at a guy who interests you, for five seconds, do send him some fun energy, and do let him be the first to talk. And most important, be yourself.

You want to attract someone you can have fun with, and to do that, you want to be yourself.

Most men are attracted to healthy women. So take care of yourself, be true to yourself and work on yourself if you don’t feel confident. Then when you least expect it, you’ll attract the right man for you.

Don’t hide your beauty under tons of makeup. Don’t show too much with clothes that are too revealing.

If you need help with clothes and colors, hire a personal stylist. They know their stuff and will help you enhance your natural beauty and style.

Choose to let your natural beauty show through in a healthy way. You are beautiful. Choose to feel it.

Imagine the possibilities….

© Carol Chanel


Everyone at some point in their life can benefit from a personal stylist. (They’re also referred to as image consultants.) They will help you find your best colors, teach you what size your belts and purses should be, how long your pants and skirts should be and what kind of necklines and sleeves you should wear.

It makes an enormous difference. And you will save a fortune in clothing that doesn’t look good on you.

I was lucky enough to meet up with a great image consultant when I was 25. I was doing my hair strawberry blonde hair and wearing pastels and bright green contacts at the time. She completely changed my appearance by showing me how to look beautiful with my natural coloring, size, etc.

Here’s a link to the main website where image consultants are registered. Check it out and see if you want some guidance to look and feel authentic and fabulous!


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