Let Go of the Good, To Get the Great

One of my amazing clients reminded me of the Abraham message about letting go of what’s good, to make room and to receive what’s great – for you.

The Law of Attraction says we get what we think about. So if you think about getting what is “great” for you, then that is what you’ll get.

There are times, though, when we all hold on to what’s good because we think it’s the best we can do, or we think we should settle, or we think, “well, good isn’t so bad.”

But that isn’t what The Law of Attraction says. It says you will get whatever you think about and ask Source to bring you. Good or Great. Your choice.

We are supposed to have the great in life.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I almost put an offer on a home that would have been good for us. But it wasn’t great for us – great would have had western exposure with sunlight pouring into the living room windows to fill our spirits with the magic and joy of light. This home had northern and southern exposure, which will be great for someone else.

Where do you notice in your life you’re settling for good and not making room for great?

You might notice you’re doing it in your job. Maybe you’ve outgrown your job, but it’s a good job, so why risk leaving and maybe ending up with a bad job. The truth is you won’t attract a bad job, you’ll attract a great job – if that’s your intention and you take action to support that belief.

Maybe you notice you’re settling for a good relationship. But you know in your heart he or she is not the love of your life. You know. And yet you talk yourself into staying because it’s better, you think, than being alone; or it’s better than being in a bad relationship; or you’ve talked yourself into believing you can’t do any better.

Those are all the wrong reasons to be in a relationship. You can attract the love of your life. You can attract your great partner. It happens to my clients all the time.

My clients work on themselves, learn to value, appreciate and like themselves. They learn about the Law of Attraction and learn how intention setting works.

Then they set their intention to meet the man who is a perfect fit for them – their ideal partner. That intention always brings to them their ideal partner.

Sometimes they have to date different people to find that person, but they aren’t settling, they’re exploring. They know who they are, they know the Universe will bring them what they ask for and sure enough, one day they are dating the person of their dreams. They are with a great man or woman. They’ve let go of the good to get the great.

In the Resource section of my last ezine, “Glorious Lasting Love”, there is a list of questions that will help you come up with your description of your ideal partner. Then ask Source to send you that person. Don’t settle for the good.

The good versus great concept is also true if you have your own business. You don’t want to have good clients, you want great clients. And you can ask Source to send them to you. Don’t make a decision to take on a client that isn’t perfect for you because you’re afraid of losing money.

There is an energy that gets created in any business, and if you take the wrong clients, you will negatively impact everyone’s energy. And your income will decrease.

Take a look and see where you are settling for good. Then trust and let go so you can have great.

Start with something small. Like buying a dress or shoes, hold out for the great. Apply this to finding a new hair stylist, dentist or accountant. Then move to your job, your friends, your romantic life.

Choose to let go of the good. Choose to get the great!

imagine the possibilities…

© Carol Chanel


If you want to learn all you can about how attraction principles work then I’d like to recommend the new book “The Law of Attraction” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

It’s available on their website:


Here’s on excerpt from the book:

“The more you come to understand the power of the Law of Attraction the more interest you will have in deliberately directing your thoughts – for you get what you think about, whether you want it or not.

Without exception, that which you give thought to is that which you begin to invite into your experience.”

If you want to create more joy, love, peace and fun in your life then reading this book just might give you the understanding and the tools you’ve been looking for to attract those things into your life.

Happy Attracting!

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