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One of my clients decided to celebrate her 30th birthday this year by skydiving – jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet! You won’t see me doing it, but I’m thrilled for her. I started thinking how skydiving and falling in love are similar.

They both require work, trust, intention setting and risk-taking. And, in both, we fear something won’t happen (the chute won’t open or our love won’t be returned) and we’ll die.

All my clients get to the point where they know exactly the kind of person they want to be with. Then they are willing to risk and jump into love. It’s what’s going on with several of my clients right now. They’re in love – with the right man.

Nothing makes me happier than to hear my clients so filled with joy and yet grounded (their word not mine – all of them use it) in their truth and power.


How do you go from a bad relationship to a healthy one that makes you feel like you have a million fireflys dancing in your heart?

It takes four key things – inner work, intention, trust and risk-taking.

I work with you to not take things personally, not judge yourself or others. We work on looking at all the great qualities you have – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Who you really are.

Also we focus on quieting that critical inner voice. The one that complains about your thighs, stomach, chin; your education, money, age or work history.

Then from that quiet, calm, powerful place, I work with you to understand and set your intentions. First to get clear about the kind of person you want to be with and then to set your intention to manifest him or her.


Then you have to risk, be open and vulnerable! You’ll be more willing to do that if you go slowly. (Imagine the parachute slowing your descent and enjoying the jump and the view.)

The romance phase is so much fun. The key is to allow it to slowly blossom. Here is one of the biggest challenges. You’ve worked on yourself, you’re clear, you’ve manifested the person and “now you want me to go slow?!! I don’t want to!” I know you don’t want to. I understand.

And this is exactly the time to go slowly. Let the relationship grow, let it blossom naturally. If you trust the Universe / Source, then you will trust that the man or woman will be there tomorrow – they are divinely sent.

It’s so fun when it unfolds slowly. You need patience, sure, but if you trust Source, then the slow savoring of this relationship will produce benefits you’ll enjoy forever. Things like trust, friendship, connection, honesty, true love, passion, safety and, more passion.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have met a wonderful man or woman then let it unfold. Go slow. Savor every minute of it. Each date will be filled with riches and memories. My client tells me how each jump allows her to see things she never saw the previous time. Her fear isn’t stopping her, she just keeps jumping and loving it.

You are a precious child of an all-loving, all-wise Source. Trust, take a risk, (and a deep breath) and jump – slowly.

imagine the possibilities…

© Carol Chanel

Q & A

From Susan a 40-year-old lawyer in Boston and client of mine who recently asked me:

Q: Carol, I can’t believe that the man I wanted and asked for is here. I’m afraid now that he’ll leave. As you know my father died when I was only six and I’ve been afraid of losing love ever since. I’ve worked on this and obviously am ready to take a risk. How do I quiet the voice that tells me he might die or leave me?

A: Susan, I understand this particular fear. My mother died when I was seven and I’ve had to deal with the fear of losing my husband. Let me share what works for me and then answer your question.

I know that relationships are eternal and that I only have a certain amount of time with my husband in this physical form. If I allow myself to be fearful then I’m not enjoying the time we have together. So I choose, whenever the fear comes up, to just remind myself that the only moment I have is this one and I’m going to enjoy it, instead of spending it worrying.

Susan, I’m going to encourage you to make a similar choice. We only have the now, the present moment. You’ve worked so hard to get to this place of allowing the right man into your life to love you and share his life with you. Spend your time with him enjoying the moment, not projecting into the future.

Honor the fear when it comes up, take a minute to say – “it’s okay, I understand, we’ll be okay.” Then give that precious man a hug and get on with the next moment.

We have a choice – either to be fearful or joyful. I choose joy and I know you want to as well. It’s a choice, it’s a choice, it’s a choice. Choose love not fear.


I have to recommend, once again, reading or listening to “The Power of Intention” by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

For those of you that want to have a wonderful, loving romantic relationship, a great relationship with your children, family, boss or whomever this book will guide you step by step how to set your intention to manifest what you want.

Wayne Dyer will also tell you what obstacles get in the way of manifesting and how to get around those obstacles.

Here’s a wonderful quote he shares:

“The best thing to give
Your enemy is forgiveness;
To an opponent, tolerance;
To a friend, your heart;
To your child, a good example;
To your father, deference;
To your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you;
To your self, respect;
To all men, charity.”

You will understand how saying yes to life will allow you to have a life beyond your dreams. This is easy to read because Dr. Dyer comes from his heart to share his wisdom on having the life you want through setting your intention for it.

A must read!!

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