How to Stop Blocking What You Want!

First, let me tell you the Laws of the Universe say that you can have anything you want – great health, prosperity, loving relationships.

It’s going to make a huge difference in your life when you understand how you’re resisting or blocking your desires and dreams.

According to Abraham in his new book, “Ask and It Is Given,” there are three steps to getting what you want. Steps one and three are your job, step two is Source’s job.

Step One – Ask for what you want
Step Two – The Source / God force provides it for you – in all cases
Step Three – Allow it and receive what you asked for

It’s in Step Three that we all block the flow. How do we do that?

We do it by saying, “yes, BUT.” For example, “I want a new car, BUT I can’t afford it.” “I want a new home, BUT everything is so expensive.” “I’m not happy in my relationship, BUT I’m afraid I’ll never find anyone else.”

Let’s look at a client scenario that I know will make this even clearer.

Maggie worked for a high-tech company and made big money. She didn’t enjoy the people, especially her boss and she hated the hours. They would work her seven days a week if she let them – and she did let them, until she started coaching with me.

During our coaching she learned how to set boundaries, not to take things personally, to get along with her boss. She negotiated a huge raise and she still wasn’t happy.

But she wasn’t willing to quit. She was afraid to walk away from all that money. Those golden handcuffs. She kept working on herself, and one day something clicked inside her. Maggie gave notice and didn’t have another job lined up. She decided to take a few months off and take a fabulous vacation.

When we looked at her decision, Maggie said, “I woke up one day and knew I would be fine if I quit my job. I just couldn’t stay there any longer. I had to live my life the way I wanted to live it.” Yea Maggie!

Maggie gave one-month notice and made sure everything was handled before she left. Here’s the best part of the story.

Before she could leave on her vacation she got four calls for job interviews. Maggie got her dream job, in her dream city with wonderful people, who share her values of humor, fun, work and balance.

So what did Maggie do? She stopped saying BUT. She stopped creating resistance to what Source wanted to give her – a new perfect job.

She trusted that she would be fine. She took action to show the Universe she was serious. And the Divine Source, because she had asked for what she wanted, provided it, and she received it. The three steps.

Maggie is so happy because she said YES. Can you imagine the rest of her life?

Let me give you a literal life and death example. I have a close family member who has survived a vicious form of cancer for 13 years now. I listened to him being interviewed the other day and thought – he never says BUT. He doesn’t say, “I want to live, but maybe I won’t find the right doctor or medicine.” He does say, “I want to live.” He doesn’t create resistance to Source sending him what he needs. And when so many others have died from this cancer, he is still alive, working full time and enjoying his life. Don’t tell him he can’t live!

You have to allow and receive.

Whatever you do, don’t settle for things that are intolerable to you. That includes relationships, homes, jobs. Do the three steps. They are Laws and they work. The only reason they aren’t working in your life is you aren’t allowing, you are unconsciously resisting. Stop resisting and start allowing.

Never forget you are connected to a Divine Source that unconditionally loves you and will give you anything you ask for. Let yourself be loved!

Happy dreaming creating and receiving!

imagine the possibilities…

© Carol Chanel

Q & A

From a Linda, a 43-year-old architect from San Francisco, CA

Q: Carol I read the book you recommended, “Ask and It Is Given” by Abraham-Hicks. I really loved it. I understand now that I am creating my life. How do I create a perfect relationship with my husband? He gets so tense and fearful about money and then I get fearful. We both have good jobs that we like but he has some old fears that negatively impact our relationship.

A: Linda, I’m so glad you read that book. It is so perfect. Since we can’t control how others think, there’s no point trying. What you can do is to control your reaction to his fear, by not going into fear yourself.

So when he starts with his fearful comments, realize that he has dropped down on the scale of consciousness and make a conscious decision not to go there with him. That will not only assist you, it will ultimately help him.

Instead consciously choose prosperity at that moment. What can you say that will feel good to you? “I am prosperous and have everything I need and want.” “I have $1,000,000 in my checking account at all times.”.

Choose to stay positive. Choose to stay in the energy of feeling good. Then encourage your husband to read the book or listen to the Abraham tapes and he will begin to consciously choose prosperity instead of fear.

Linda – consciously choosing prosperity will have your light shine brightly and help to light his way when he is ready to travel the path. Don’t judge him for his fears. Allow him the dignity of his process.

Happy Conscious Choosing!


It’s time to have some fun. Plan one thing this week that is fun for you.

It could be going for a walk on the beach, or for a hike in the mountains or hills. Maybe it’s taking a friend out to lunch or dinner. Maybe it’s getting a massage or facial. Or playing tennis, a round of golf, or even ping pong. I love to go to the Arcades and play games. I laugh and don’t care if I lose, I’m just playing.

Choose something that is fun for you.

You lift your consciousness and your willingness to receive when you allow yourself to have fun. We didn’t come here to only do hard work. We came here to create and play.

You know that when you are playing you are more creative. Because then it’s fun! So by doing something fun you’ll be opening your energy to receive. Try it and notice how you feel!

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