“How to be Wild and Free!” Part 4

Happy Audacious New Year!

Are you ready to be audacious this year – fearlessly daring?! I am, so let’s do it together.

In the first three ezines on being wild and free we looked at three things it takes to be wild and free in your relationships – in your life.

We looked at being emotionally healthy, knowing you’re a goddess and holding good boundaries.


Now we are going to explore being willing to risk it all for the sake of the freedom to be yourself.

How does audacity tie in with the willingness to risk it all?

Often we need to be fearlessly daring – audacious – in order to take risks that lead to our freedom.

It doesn’t mean we might not get scared at some point. It means we are willing to continually find our daring and keep going. The freedom to be yourself is worth it!

What do you need to have the audacity to do this year?

I’ve chosen public speaking this year. Which will require me to remember to be fearlessly daring. Will it ever!

What is it you need to express or do in order to be wild and free in your relationships — to take your foot off the brake and let it rip?

What do you need to risk for the sake of the freedom to be yourself?

I know first-hand that when I’m not being myself I am
pretty miserable. I’m pretending, which takes a lot of
energy. I’m trying to do things someone else’s way,
which is exhausting and often boring.


Let’s look at a client I had last year – Susan – who
really learned the joy of risking it all and found

Susan is successful, smart, educated, attractive and was
alone. She thought that it was better to be alone than
to be vulnerable and risk getting hurt.

That was until she couldn’t stand being alone anymore.

And Susan isn’t the only client I have worked with who had
this issue. It’s common among both women and men.

We associate risk with the potential for disaster. I think the true disaster comes when we don’t risk, because then we are miserable. And that is what I call a long, slow death. Make it quick!

So Susan and I looked at what it would take to have her risk and
what risks she was willing to take.

In her case, she had to risk being a little kooky and funny. She is truly funny and loves to clown around. She is also successful and likes taking great vacations. She needs to be with a man that likes her playfulness and has the financial means to travel with her.

Her secret desire is to be a stand-up comedian and have her own TV show.

She had to risk, right up front, letting people know who she was. And what she found was that it is much less exhausting and very freeing to be able to just be her kooky, funny self.

And guess what – she met a man, at a party, who not only loves those qualities in her, he has similar qualities and is thrilled to be able to be himself with her. He has a successful business and loves to travel.

They make great travel partners and have a lot of fun, They are working to take their relationships to the next level. (I secretly expect a June engagement!)


So what great qualities have you been hiding? What is the secret thing you’ve always wanted to do? The one thing that would free you if people knew and enjoyed this part of you.

You know the one thing you think people will reject you for if you showed them.

Maybe in the past you got criticized, or worse punished, for expressing these sides of yourself.

Well if someone criticizes you for a quality you have, find another person to spend time with. Lose the loser!

If you’re funny, or serious, like to read, or go to museums and you are with someone who doesn’t like those things then spend time with someone who does.

There are men out there who really want to be with a woman just like you!

Please don’t let anyone talk you out of being you.

What we know to be true is that it takes more effort not to express yourself than to just let it rip.

I really would love to hear from you about the one or two qualities that you would like to fully express this year.

What is it you are willing to risk for the sake of the freedom to be yourself and therefore be wilder and freer?

You are a unique precious being.

Have the audacity to let yourself shine.
Let go! Cut loose! Be yourself!

Imagine the possibilities….

© Carol Chanel

Q & A

This week’s question is from Sara – a freelance
writer from Seattle.

Q: “Should I have plastic surgery to enhance
my body?”

A: Sara – this is a really tricky area. I’m wondering why
you want the surgery? Usually we think there will be
a positive change in the outer world from changing our
outer image. Do you want to be more attractive to men?

Is there a part of your self that you aren’t accepting?
Remember that you can have plastic surgery and still
see the old you. If you have any negative thoughts about
yourself, they can still be present.

I would love to see you work through any issues you have
regarding your body and then if you still feel strongly about the
surgery then you will be doing it for different reasons. A new
nose and cheeks can’t replace any negative self thoughts.

Please accept yourself as you are – love everything about
yourself. Let yourself have six months of self-love and
then see how you feel about the surgery. If you still want it
and it’s safe then go ahead. If not – take a great vacation or buy
yourself something wonderful with the money.

Makes the choice from a place of self-love not self-loathing.



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