“How to be Wild and Free!” Part 2

BEING WILD AND FREE! Wild in your love. Free to be
who you really are. Women want this and so do men.

We’re learning what it takes to be in a relationship where you
are wildly in love. Verbally, emotionally, se*ually – with
your foot off the brake.

In the last issue we looked at the necessity for both people
in a relationship to be emotionally healthy.

Now we are going to address “knowing you’re a goddess.”


Why is this important? After all isn’t the goddess thing for
those who are new agey, sort of out there, from another world.

Here’s what I know to be true. When I first mention this to
professional women they laugh, in a way that says – “she is
out of her mind.” It’s a little condescending, a tough,
protective laugh.

When a woman has that reaction I know that we have
work to do. She’s in total denial that she is a goddess.

And by the way, I was one of those women who laughed,
who thought my guide was a little out of her mind. Nice
try, but not for me.

This was during the time when I thought I was ugly – inside
and out. I would look in the mirror and cry because I thought
I was so ugly.

Wow, am I glad I changed that perspective!

We are all goddesses.

Why are we in denial about being goddesses? Well where in our
culture does it teach us to be a goddess? To embrace that part
of ourselves and let it shine forth?


Before I continue let’s look at what I mean by being a goddess.

History reminds us that before the patriarchy there were
goddesses whom all the ancient world revered and honored.

I know there is a place in all women – no matter their body shape,
the shape of their nose, how tall or short, how pretty or not,
smart or not so smart – where the goddess energy lives.

What is goddess energy? It’s the FEMININE – the receptive.
Being a goddess is being loving, powerful, se*y, passionate,
compassionate, confident – remember that’s from the heart, not
the ego. It’s the part that is independent, wise and intuitive.

It’s the BEING in us that knows we are desirable just because we
exist. And it means we have a wild side. Being a goddess
means we FEEL – love, sadness, passion, joy, grief.

We feel all our feelings. We let them flow.


If we view ourselves as goddesses how do you think
we will act around men. Or in all of our relationships?

First, men will be drawn to you like magnets. Men feel
excited when they are around a woman who holds herself
as a goddess.

They treat you like a queen – like a goddess. They cherish you,
are wildly turned on and love spending time with you.

They are inspired by you when you are being a goddess and
they feel masculine when they are with you. And men love
to genuinely feel masculine.

Other women will be drawn to your energy – they will
want to find that in themselves.

I have the most fabulous men and women in my life
as a result of being a goddess. Being willing to live
in that energy makes everyone’s life incredible.

Several of my clients just by being willing to be their true
goddess selves attracted fabulous men into their lives.


So how can you know the goddess part of yourself?

Here’s my request:

What is the one area where you could practice being
a goddess, for two weeks?

Do you want to be more feminine? More powerful and
empowered from the heart – not the ego? Maybe there
is someone who needs some of your love or wisdom.

My challenge to you is:

How can you be Wilder and Freer for two weeks?

Do you want to walk in the forest, dance until you drop,
sing with all your heart, wear a red feather boa,
buy some fishnets to go with your red high heels?

Maybe you want to go see a movie instead of cleaning the house.
Take a bubble bath instead of falling into bed exhausted.

If your wild woman has been banished to a dungeon LET HER OUT.
Free her! You need her.

Remember you are a goddess. Why not enjoy that part of yourself
and the benefits of owning that part. It will drive men crazy.


It’s a choice – how we hold ourselves. Which will you choose?
To be a goddess or to be powerless and unfeminine?
To be critical of yourself? Or to embrace yourself as a goddess.

The choice is yours. And I encourage you –


imagine the possibilities…


© Carol Chanel

Q & A

From a 45 old year screenplay writer in New York:

Q. Is chemistry something that develops over time or
is it present from the beginning?

A: My experience is CHEMISTRY is either there or it isn’t,
at the very beginning. You’ll feel it. Sometimes it feels
like you just got hit by a bolt of lighting. Or it feels
like a grabbing sensation in your stomach or heart.

However and wherever you experience it, you’ll know it

What can develop over time is passion. Sometimes we
need to trust a man in order to release our passion.

What is even better is to trust our intuition, our inner voice,
that tells us whether this man is safe or not.

But chemistry is there or it’s not. If you don’t have
chemistry with your man don’t expect to get it.

The real question is – do you want to be with a man
when you don’t feel chemistry?

That’s up to you. I find a lack of chemistry to be
incredibly dull and not alive enough for a goddess,
a wild and free woman!



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