Good Vibrations – Attracting True Love!

“Visualize the end result” “Contemplate your way to success.” “Daydream about what you want.”

You may not know it, but everything you created in your life started with a daydream. The things that came easily to you were things that you didn’t have a lot of fear about, or resistance to, getting created. In other words, your consciousness matched your desire. You were a vibrational match to your desire.

So if you have a great job and you’re making good money you probably saw yourself in that situation. More than likely, you worked your way up to that point. Your consciousness or vibration was a fit for the good job.

The way to attract anything you want is, of course, to first start with your thoughts. You have to get clear about what you want, then you have to ask Source / God / Universe for it. Then, you need to believe it will happen.

And before it can actually happen, you have to change your consciousness to be a match for it. Remember your thoughts have an energy, a vibration that they send out into the Universe that attracts a matching energy or vibration.

“Every thought vibrates. Every thought radiates a signal. Every thought attracts a matching signal back. That process is the Law of Attraction.”; (“The Secret Behind The Secret.” – Hicks / Abraham DVD)

“No desire, no matter what the subject, can manifest into your experience as long as there is a vibrational difference between the desire and your practiced vibration. You have to practice yourself into vibrational alignment with your desires before they will be realized in your experience.” (“The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” – Hicks / Abraham)

And the powerful way to practice and to change your consciousness or vibration is through daydreaming about it.

Sounds really simple doesn’t it. It’s simple and it takes deliberate effort while you are becoming a vibrational match to what you want.

Want to Attract Your True Love?

How does the process work when you want to attract and be in a committed relationship with your true love?

Let’s look at Sarah, a 35-year-old woman, who has never been married, who desires a partner and a family. Someone might tell her to ask the Universe to send her the man of her dreams. Sara can ask and if she believes, then that’s exactly what will happen. Rather quickly – if she believes. If she’s a vibrational match to the man and the relationship. But if she’s like a lot of single women, their vibration is “I’m single,” not “I’m in a relationship with my true love.” So there’s a vibrational difference. And to change that difference Sara has to do some things.

So if Sara has a hard time seeing herself married to her ideal partner, or married with children, then she needs to start with the beginning details. The first phone call with her true love, where she is laughing and talking easily with him. Then she might see her first date with him. Perhaps her daydream would include seeing him for the first time and lighting up inside because he has a warm and easy energy and a great smile. His clothes are appropriate and fit his life. He looks exactly as she imagined. Sara’s daydream would include the two of them laughing and talking, relating easily to each other.

You can see at this point she is a vibrational match to having a phone conversation and a great date.

When she’s completely comfortable with that part of her daydream, she can move on to more dates – going biking, to dinner, movies, walks on the beach, whatever she likes. Now she’s a vibrational match to the dating portion of the relationship.

Then she could expand the daydream to include being intimate, meeting each other’s parents, friends, spending birthdays and holidays together.

Then as she becomes comfortable with that part of the daydream she can now see them getting married. See the wedding day, the honeymoon, their first house. Then Sara can see herself pregnant, then see the birth of her first child, then the child’s first birthday, first day of school, etc.

Sara can start with the phone call and daydream about that for 15 minutes a day. Then she can move on to the first date and spend 15 minutes a day on that. Then she can daydream about multiple dates. Anywhere along this journey, her daydream, she is becoming a vibrational match to what she can see.

And from that place she can keep the journey moving to the wedding, honeymoon, first child. Whatever she wants.

How can you do this for yourself?

Daydreaming Process

Start with the details you can easily see. Then, from that place, add on the next step – phone call, first date, multiple dates, holidays, wedding, etc. Do this one step at a time. Don’t rush it or get frustrated. Give your mind time to catch up, to vibrationally align.

Keep adding the steps to your daydream until you can see yourself with your true love. You don’t need to put an exact face on the man. See yourself and how you feel with him. Happy, comfortable, fulfilled, excited, whatever is important to you. See him having a great time with you. Smiling, relaxed, appreciating you, loving you – whatever is important to you.

Do this daydream process for 15 minutes a day, keep adding your details and you WILL attract your man. You’ll attract him because you are a vibrational match for him. Don’t push yourself past the next step if you can’t see it, but do stretch to get to the next step.

Choose to believe that whatever you can dream of will be drawn to you. Choose to daydream 15 minutes a day about what you want in your life. Choose to know that this is the most powerful way to change your consciousness so that you can be a vibrational match for what you desire.

Choose to daydream!

Imagine the possibilities…

© Carol Chanel


I like the information, depth and clarity in the book “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Teachings of Abraham.

Here are a few quotes from the book that relate to this ezine:

“What you think, the vibrations that you offer, and what you are living always match.”

“Whenever you give your attention to anything, you activate the vibration of it in you.”

“The more you give your attention to any thought, the more active it becomes in your vibration, until, in time, it becomes a dominant vibration, or a dominant player in your point of attraction.”

This is one of their books that followed their hugely popular book “Ask and It’s Given.” At first, I thought it was a duplication, but when I picked it up again I realized they were going deeper into the concept of “deliberate intent.” And helping us realize how necessary this concept is to attracting what we want.

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