Go Get Water!

“Whatever advice you give, be short.” These wise words were shared with us by Horace, a leading Roman lyric poet who lived from 65 BC to 8 BC.

My short relationship advice for this month is “go get water.”

It came to me after hearing the story of how a friend met a wonderful man.

About three months prior to meeting him, she had experienced a breakup that shook her to her core. But she decided to really work on herself and not be a victim of the ex’s bad behavior. She took great care of herself, including taking a fabulous vacation.

When she came back from her trip she decided to start doing fun things again with friends. One night she went to a concert. While she was there she decided to go get water. As she waited in line she met an amazing man, they struck up a conversation and soon they started dating. The great news – he is treating her the opposite of how her ex treated her.

So what’s the moral? Go get water! In other words, get out there. When painful things happen, process through them, feel what you’re feeling and when you’re ready, or maybe even a little before, get back out in the world.

Too often we let a painful end to a relationship stop us from having another relationship. Sometimes for a long, long time. Or we jump back in without doing any processing. Both are equally detrimental.

Here’s what I really want you to know. Once you work on yourself, heal your heart and get back in the dating world, you’ve created a forward momentum, attraction energy. You’re saying yes to be being with a man again. The first man you date might not be “the one.”

Once you attract the first man, the attraction process is working the way you want it to. If the first man isn’t right, that’s okay, keep getting some water. Remember how the Law of Attraction works, if it’s not that man, it will be another one and VERY SOON!

You might think, but it’ll take three months, a year, five years before I attract another man. NO! Only if you say that’s how long it will take. It will take as long as you want it to take.

The Law of Attraction is a LAW, whether you believe it or not. So please realize that once you’ve attracted the first man, the law says if not him, someone better will be along and VERY SOON.

The operative words are VERY SOON. It’s true, only your fear-based thoughts will keep it from being the reality.

You don’t have to go on every dating website – one is okay. You don’t have to go to every event, every party, or go out with everyone who asks you out. Just live your life! Do fun things! And do go to places where men are. After all, you have to be able to interact with them to meet them.

Don’t settle. Don’t settle. Don’t settle. Be choosy. Be determined. Stand up for yourself. Trust the Universe.

The last ezine – sorry, I know it was really a long article but I had a lot to say on the subject – dealt with Trust. If you haven’t read it, please read it. It’s the most important information I’ve ever shared with my readers and is really key to you having a fabulous relationship.

So if you’ve suffered from a bad or unpleasant relationship, work on yourself and then go get some water.

It’s your choice to stay at home or get back into the world. Choose to believe, choose to trust, choose to live and love.


Imagine the possibilities…

© Carol Chanel


People talk about “The Secret” and how it’s helped them. I’m really glad that it gained so much popularity. It is about the attraction process. But it doesn’t focus on one of the main reasons why the attraction process works. There is a DVD entitled, “The Secret Behind ‘The Secret’?” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It’s an interview of Esther channeling Abraham where he reveals the secret behind the secret. I encourage you to buy it and sit and watch it when you have time to absorb it. The information is crucial to you having the life you want. You can order it on their website: http://www.abraham-hicks.com “Life is supposed to be fun!” Abraham.

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