Don’t Pull the Plug on Your Power!

After spending 10 restful days in Nantucket (an island 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod) I notice how much more alert my mind is. It must have been all the clean air I was breathing. Or maybe my brain rested as well as my body. Whatever the answer, I highly recommend you take some time out this summer to relax.

One of the most relaxing things you can do is to focus your energy on the positive. Focusing on the negative really drains your energy.

I was in a card store the other day looking for thank you cards. I overheard the women behind the counter gossiping. It turns out they were making their boss wrong. As I chatted with them, one woman actually told me she liked to make him wrong.

After leaving the store I thought of how many people like to make others wrong and the negative energy that requires. Why do people do that?

It’s more than complaining about the person, it’s actually making them wrong for almost everything they do. For instance, people seem to feel better if they make their bosses wrong and seem genuinely upset if they can’t.

Who are people you might make wrong? Husbands, wives, parents, bosses, teachers, superiors at work, in-laws, ex-spouses or siblings.

What’s the real reason you might make those people wrong?

They are likely to have some power. And if you aren’t feeling powerful enough, or you don’t have good boundaries, or you’re some how beholden to them, you will look for reasons to make them wrong in order to feel more powerful.

You want to feel better, so you make them wrong. Seems simple enough and relatively harmless. But is it harmless? NO!

Making people wrong takes an enormous amount of negative energy. It drains you, wastes your energy and the time you could be using to create positive things in your life.

And they will feel your negative energy. And that will create a more contentious relationship than you already have with that person.

So what’s the solution?

Take your power back! If you’re afraid of losing your job, then start to look for another one. If your spouse makes all the money and you’re afraid they’ll leave you, then you need to talk to them. If your siblings like to try to control your life, don’t let them. Thank them for their suggestions, tell them you appreciate their input. Then make your own decisions.

I want to add one more thing – no one is the source of money – not your boss, husband, partner, in-laws, parents, etc. God / Universe is the Source. Allow yourself to let the Universe bring you what you need. It will be so much more than any one person can bring you anyway.

I hear so many people make their parents wrong for how their lives turned out. It’s important to know the impact they had on you, but after that you don’t get to use it as an excuse for not living a joyful, fulfilling life. I had a very tough childhood, but it’s not keeping me from being productive, loving and having fun.

Look at where you’re giving your power away, draw boundaries, take your power back and trust the Universe!

Life is too short to spend it feeling powerless and wasting your precious energy on the negative.

Choose to take your life back! Choose to draw good boundaries! Choose to have fun again. It’s summer, take a break, and dream about the life you want to create. Dream of a magical wondrous life.

Imagine the possibilities

© Carol Chanel


One of my awesome clients told me about a lovely book called “Journey to the Heart” by Melody Beattie. It’s a book of daily meditations on the path to freeing your soul.

Here’s what she wrote for January 7th:

“Remember To Be Happy. The sign hangs on the wall of a bagel shop: ‘Don’t forget to be happy.’

“Sometimes we get so bogged down in dealing with feelings, issues, problems – the realities and details of our lives – we forget to be happy. Often happiness can be ours if we just remember to be happy.

“Joy is a choice – a deliberate, conscious choice. That choice is available to us each day. Our joy isn’t controlled by others or by outward circumstances. Joy comes from a deeper place, a place of security within us. It’s an attitude, not a transitory emotion.

“Remember to be kind. Remember to be loving. Remember to feel all your feelings and to take care of yourself. But most of all, remember to be happy.”

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