Do you risk loving full out?

When was the last time you let yourself express all the love you have in your heart?

I mean truly opened your heart and loved another person?  Full-out?  No holding back?  No worrying about what the person thought?
  No worrying about whether they loved you as much?  No worrying that your heart had been broken when you were younger and you swore you’d never love again?

Do you know what it does for you when you love like that?  It lifts you to heights of joy and ecstasy you didn’t know were possible.  You are filled with absolute joy.

Remember how you feel when you’re in love?  Amazing, awesome, joyful, excited about life and happy with yourself.  Nothing bothers you.  Things seem to always go your way. Colors are brighter, food tastes better.   You laugh every chance you get.  Life seems easy and effortless.  You’re compassionate and forgiving.  People are attracted to you.  They want to be around you, they are fascinated by you.  And you feel ecstatic!

It’s as if the more you love, the more love you receive from the world and the more you love yourself.

That’s what’s possible for you every day!
  You get to choose whether you want to be in love or not.  In love with love, in love with your life, in love with God/Source, unconditionally in love with another person.

You want to experience life at its best – risk loving full out! Open the space around you to be free to feel and express great love.  Not a little tentative ounce of it – all of it.  Let it rip!

When you decide to love another person – lucky them.  But don’t make your willingness to risk loving another person be about their reaction.  This is for you.  This is how you create miracles in your life.

Choose to live in joy and ecstasy by being willing to risk loving full out.

I know first hand what it feels like.  People always say I’m so joyful.  They wonder if it’s real.  Yes, it’s real.  Because I love.  I mean really love.  Full out.

I’ve had loss of love in my life.  My mother died when I was seven.  I tried to protect my heart from ever experiencing that trauma again.  But fortunately my heart is stronger than my mind.

And when I occasionally pull my love away because something happens, I feel awful.  But when I go back to just loving myself, others, God/Source, my friends, my life, my clients, I feel great again.

Do what makes you feel good!  Love makes you feel good.  Loving unconditionally makes you feel great.
  Try it and realize it for yourself.

If you listen to your heart, then you’ll love full out, because it feels so good. When you listen to your ego, it says stop loving.  But that feels bad, so don’t listen to it.

Don’t cheat yourself out of love because a previous relationship didn’t last forever.  Most of the time, my clients admit the relationships that didn’t work out weren’t really quite right for them anyway.  Once they’re honest with themselves, they can open up to love again.

Look honestly at your previous relationships that didn’t last.  Were they ideal for you?  Or were there some things that didn’t quite feel right?  Are you clearer now about what you do want because of that relationship?  We are all gifts to each other.

To shift your thoughts about a relationship that didn’t last, be willing to see yourself with that person in a new way.  Maybe as two kids sitting on a swing, just laughing and loving. Or see yourselves as spirits floating in the ethers laughing and loving.  All the hurt and anger will leave you and you will be free again – to love and feel the glory of it.

You are love.  Pure love.  Only your mind shuts love down.  Let your heart have the last word.  Don’t wait until tomorrow!  Today – open your heart.  Love.  Full out! Give it.  Live it.  

Choose to risk.  Choose to love.  Choose to live a life filled with love.  Choose to come alive!

Happy loving!  Happy risking for the sake of all the joy you’ll feel when you open your heart and let your love pour out.

I love you.  Thank you for being on this incredibly love filled journey with me.

© Carol Chanel


I have read and studied some of the great spiritual teachers over the last 30 years. Each one has contributed some valuable ideas and increased my willingness to love full out. I want to share some of them that I think you’ll like.

My all time favorite happens to be Yogananda, especially his book “The Divine Romance.” Yogananda was clearly one of the more enlightened beings to walk this earth. His love of God is eloquently and lovingly expressed in this book.

Don Miguel Ruiz is a close second with his lovely book, “The Mastery of Love.” This book is a must read! If you only read one, read this one. You will learn self-love and a great deal about relationships that will change how you view them and live in them.

“Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships” and “Love and Awakening” both by Dr. John Welwood are excellent books. John is loving, warm and kind. He combines Eastern philosophy with Western teachings.

To help shift your perspective about a relationship, Colin Tipping’s book “Radical Forgiveness” teaches you an advanced consciousness way of looking at relationships in order to reach forgiveness.

And from the always wonderful, very wise Deepak Chopra, “The Path To Love,” is another book to help you be willing to love full out.

If you have other books and resources you’ve found valuable, please email them to me and I’ll gladly share them in my next ezine.

Happy Reading and Happy Loving!

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