Be a “Beautiful Dreamer”

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” I found a sweet little plaque with that quote when I was in Maui. It really spoke to me.

Think about the phrase – “believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Do you let yourself dream? And do you see beauty in your dreams? Are you willing to believe in the beauty of your dreams?

What do the words – “the beauty of their dreams” imply for you? Love, softness, joy, delight, warmth, people laughing, sitting in front of a fire having a glass of wine, a cool breeze on a hot day, taking a bubble bath in a beautiful tub in your newly remodeled bathroom, taking a year off from work and traveling to fascinating places? What feels like you’re adding beauty to your dreams? Think about what feels really good to you.

The next step is to believe in your dreams. That’s how they manifest. For some, it’s easier to believe in some things than others. Cars, vacations and clothes may be easy. Even living in a new home or city.

But do you dream of a romantic relationship? And do you believe in the beauty of your dream of a romantic relationship? If you don’t, you won’t create it now or in the future.

I want to focus on romantic relationships since I know most women, and men, almost always want to improve that area. In order to have a loving, exciting, fun, uplifting romantic relationship, you have to dream it into existence which means you have to daydream about it, and you have to believe in your daydreams.

And once it’s there, you’ll want to keep dreaming and believing it forward.

So often when people are in a romantic relationship they focus on the negative. I hear it all the time. Women and men complaining about their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives. I’m not saying to ignore a problem. But I am saying, don’t let it be the main focus. When you have a problem, work it out, get help if necessary, resolve it and move on.

We all have negative traits. Annoying ones. And those are always balanced by positive traits, adorable and delightful ones. You choose which to focus on.

In the beauty of your dreams and believing in the beauty of your dreams lives a power waiting to be unleashed. It’s energy waiting to be utilized. Remember, we live in an energy-based Universe.

I teach my clients that the response they get from others depends on how they are feeling about themselves that day. If they are feeling great about themselves, then they will radiate a positive energy that positive people are drawn to. If they are feeling critical or doubtful of their value, and are in a negative space, either no one will be drawn to them, or they’ll draw in another negative person. That’s no fun.

I’ve no doubt you’ve all experienced this dynamic. Well, the same applies to having a fabulous romantic relationship and keeping it alive. You want to keep dreaming of a fabulous relationship and you want to believe in your dreams.

So if you’re ready to meet someone, daydream about what your life with him or her will feel like to you. What is the beauty you want to have in your life with this person? Spend 15 minutes a day really imagining and feeling what it will be like to be together. Believe they will come into your life and you can live the beauty of your dreams.

You don’t have to worry about any of the details of how it will happen. That’s the job of the Universe. Relax and enjoy your daydreams.

If you’re already in a romantic relationship, daydream about how amazing it can be. Daydream about all the good times you’ll continue to have with this person. Believe it will happen. And you’ll look back a year from now and see how wonderful the times you’ve spent together have been.

Keep dreaming and believing. Choose to believe in the beauty of your dreams. Allow the Universe to act on your behalf. Believe in yourself and your partner, whether they’re here yet or not. They will be!

The power of the Universe is always ready to work for you. When you fill your mind and heart with beautiful dreams it will instantly go to work to bring those into reality for you.

Feel the power and the beauty of Stephen Foster’s song:

Beautiful dreamer,
Wake unto me
Starlight and dewdrops
Are awaiting thee

Sounds of the rude world
Heard in the day
Led by the moonlight
Have all passed away

Beautiful dreamer,
Queen of my song
List’ while I woo thee
With soft melody

Gone are the cares of
Life’s busy throng

Beautiful dreamer 
Awake unto me
Beautiful dreamer, 
Awake unto me

Imagine the possibilities of being a beautiful dreamer….

© Carol Chanel

Q & A

One of my clients called the other day and asked me for some steps to keep her from getting stuck in Yuma. Since she’s been working with me for a while she had the framework that I outlined in the main article. I wanted you all to have the framework so you could put the steps to work in your life.

Happy Dreaming, Happy Achieving


If you want more information about the subject matter in the main article there are two brilliant books and a CD that are insightful and inspiring.

“The Power of Intention” by Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Ask and It’s Given” by Abraham-Hicks

Abraham-Hicks Kansas City 9/14/05 CD – single CD, about $15.
Available on their website:
Or you can call them to order it at 1-830-755-2299

These books and CD’s are uplifting, inspiring and powerful and provide the tools you’ll need to have a life of happiness, love, fulfillment and joy.

Keep believing, allowing and receiving!

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